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Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
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May 05, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: vampires, fae, urban-fantasy, down-south, adult-fiction, shifters, werewolves, fantasy
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I'm not going to say to much but I'm so glad for the direction in this book. The last couple have been so much about the popularity of the series and not much of the substance (well you know..) that made it what it was. Speaking of making it what it was (is?) a real treat is in the audiobook if you can just get a sampling of the moment on the porch with with swing.. Jesus I was at work and I could not contain myself. My only complaint is again Hunter is here only as an after thought, he at least seems to get a chapter this time around but if you took the chapter out you wouldn't miss anything and it serves no purpose - this can't go on for much longer at some point something needs to happen. She does seem to have a lot of characters (many making the usual cameos at the right moments and then leaving as quickly has they came) that she is still fleshing out and at times I think even she realizes she's making jokes about it (the full house for example) but at the end of the day I enjoyed the book. Hopefully when Sookie's story is finished maybe we'll finally get to hear what life is like for the many (stress on that) other sups in the neighborhood.

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0.0% "There is so many things I'd love to talk about this book with. I love it. It's just like they used to be."
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0.0% ""All God’s children are sinners." ... no reference cause you know me and spoilers :-)"
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0.0% ""He was a drain on all of us, sucking the will and force from us with the depth of his need.""
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0.0% ""I will not have sex with a man who pities me. I will not live with a man who doesn‘t want me. I‘m worth more than that. I‘ll stop loving you if it takes me the rest of my existence." Damn. I wish (I'd switch the gender you know) I could say that when the time came with the people I.... well you know.(seriously last quote...)"
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0.0% "i miss bubba"

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