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Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie
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this book blew me away!!! clones, lost siblings, plus an awesome cover!!! whooooo this is my type of book! i was instantly hooked, that is some amaaazing writing!!! it was fast paced, punchy and just down right epic. It has multiple points of view, which i thought would be a downer for me, but it was not... it was what gave some of the story it's esscence... if you hated this book, then you... are a randomo and need to get a better sense of books coz this is a peice of words(the book not my review) it pure chocolate, and not just any choccy, the best most yummy choccy ever, think about the best choccy you have ever had and multiply it by a huuuuge number and that would not even cover the sheer awesomoidity of this book! so just get of ya lazy butt and waddle off to the library or book shop and READ THIS BOOK!!!! (or i will find you and force you to read it!!! muhahahahahaha) it is from the points of view of 2 14/15 year old um teenagers(duh) and they meet through a sorta chance encounter, only to find greater forces are working behind their whole lives, and how they are about to change dramaticcally!!! come on you gotta love it!!!!
luff me xxx

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