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Acquainted with the Night by Tymber Dalton
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Apr 16, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: crap
I own a copy

I have found Siren to be the publisher that tends to publish the crappiest books in the genre out there. And this pile of horse manure was no exception. Aside from the small text and LARGE margins in the PDF to swell the page count, what was there was hardly worth perusing, let alone reading. I agree with other reviewers - it is a hard book to read. Especially when in a 227 page book (well, less when you subtract the cover page etc.) there was mention of "milking" over 103 times.

Whoever wrote this: "Traditionally, science fiction has been a genre used as a platform for social commentary, as a lens to bring into clearer focus the social situations of a time. Tymber Dalton uses her book, Acquainted with the Night, in exactly that manner. She hits on the subjects of politics, war, truth, treatment of prisoners of war, military draft, sexuality, justice, definition of family, and the acceptance of love and loss in her novel. This is not an easy to read book; this is a hard hitting, thoughtful and provocative novel that will have an impact on both your heart and mind."

Yes whoever wrote the above on a blog I've been too...if they aren't the author or publisher rating the book up...GET YOUR HEAD EXAMINED. Or your eyes - you may have misread. Or it could just as well be your memory. This isn't romance. This is ridiculous, poorly justified smut. Did I mentioned there are machines used sexually in icky ways? I guess the fact that people read this filth is evidence of the sick, sick, sick world we live in...

PS - Yes Tina. Lots and Lots and Lots of Sex equates with love. Yes, yes it ALL makes sense now.
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message 1: by Ravyn (last edited Nov 14, 2011 12:19AM) (new) - added it

Ravyn "I have found Siren to be the publisher that tends to publish the crappiest books in the genre out there..."

Ha...your review makes me laugh. But come on!! It's Menage Amour!! They are bad that they're good. Good for a mindless read on the beach, good for a laugh, good for working out your eyeball muscles with all the rolling going on, etc etc. I mean, I don't even rate the Menage Amour books I read because it's not even fair. OF COURSE they are bad!

message 2: by Simsala (new)

Simsala I`m curious,Adrian...why did you read it? Was it out of curiosity,the blurb or a challenge? This so not your kind of book (and certainly not mine - just saying... *shudder*...);-)

Vfields Don't touch my happy! Wow, that was an intense review. I kind of chuckled through the whole thing.

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