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Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
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Apr 16, 2011

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Read on April 16, 2011

As I'm writing this my two year old daughter is saying, "I see a book. I see a potty book." That brings me to my first point: of all the pictures from the book they had to make the cover, I think they chose the least fitting one.

The book's all about unconditional love. Liz reads it to my daughters all the time, but I never really paid attention to it... I read it to my four year old and held her in my arms while I read it. It was sweet. Every time I got to the (repetitive) part that said, "... rocked him back and forth back and forth back and forth and sang" I rocked Ellie and she would say, "I love you daddy." Like I said, it was really sweet.

I even changed the book from a mother/son relationship to a father/daughter relationship - changing all the pronouns so they fit got to be a bit tiresome by the end.

But then the book gets all creepy and the mom drives across town to sneak into her son's bedroom while he sleeps. Liz said that part's always bothered her, but I felt like a huge sicko reading myself sneaking into my grown daughter's bedroom across town. I'm sure it's weird enough with a mother/son relationship, but in my mind reading it as a father/daughter relationship made it worse. Yeah, weird either way.

Point being, as fun as it was to have Ellie say, "I love you daddy," half a dozen times throughout the book, I don't think I'll be reading it to her again.


I'm editing this several minutes after posting my review. It seems I'm not alone in finding this book creepy. Not alone at all.
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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Reading this book always made me cry; I thought it was so sweet. However, now that I really stop and think about it: you're right. Very creepy. Also, I totally agree about the "potty" picture on the front. What the ----?

Philip Quite the sweet/creepy dichotomy. Someone on facebook also mentioned how it made them cry as well. This book produced a lot of tears.

message 3: by Jacki (new)

Jacki I second everything Amanda said, and would like to turn around and third it as well.

Philip I think thirding it pretty much etches it in stone and makes it official.

message 5: by Jacki (new)

Jacki Good, now it won't need to be notarized! :)

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