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Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
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Apr 16, 2011

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Read from November 28, 2011 to September 10, 2012

Lagged a bit in the middle. Stylistically filled with minutiae and over descriptive, which is in keeping with the era in which it was written. I feel Swift's biting wit and sardonic humor has been dulled over time since we're far removed from the era and the Europe he was so clearly satirizing. But for all that, Swift was a very imaginative guy and the worlds he created still capture our imagination. Everyone knows the story about a guy going to a land where he was a giant and then to the land where he was surrounded by giants, even if they don't know it was Swift who wrote it. I am disappointed that it seems nobody ever talks about the flying island episode or the noble and moral race of horses that the narrator encounters at the end. Those to me were the best parts, and the book really seemed to start moving about halfway through.

Decent read, especially if you have a Kindle...because it's free. Glad I finally finished it.

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