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Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs
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Apr 14, 2011

really liked it
Read in April, 2011

** spoiler alert ** First thoughts:

My first thoughts on this book where, "How depressing?". But if you look back at the story of Jacob and Esau and the choosing of a wife for was depressing. People felt slighted, people felt forgotten. But in all of these going ons, "people" learned forgiveness and love and trust. Which is why it is so important to retell stories like Jacob and Esau's, so we never forget.

Plot: 4 stars

The plot here, was based off of the story Jacob and Esau. It was modernized in many different ways. Some of these ways would included, there is no polygamy involved. In the story from the bible, Jacob was married to both sisters. Also, this story was set in the 1700's. Jacob was from before Jesus was born. (That's way before the 1700's for all of you who don't see this as significant.) Otherwise, Higgs did a very good job of converting the story in an approachable way. The plot was smooth and mirrored the original closely.

Characters: 4 stars

The main characters are Jamie, Evan, Leana and Rose...or Jacob, Esau, Leah, and Rachel...are you seeing to remarkable resemblance? I kind of wish that the names were more separated in likeness. It would have made the characters a little more interesting I think. I also didn't like the character of Rose. I didn't like how extremely childish she was. I understand she was suppose to portray a 15 year old...I still didn't like it. Mainly because she was suppose to portray Rachel from the bible, I just didn't think it was the best representative. Leana was my hero. Simple, elegant, meek, mild, smart, understanding and gentle. Everything I aim for. Unfortunately, she got every single raw end of the deal. But so did Leah from the bible. I liked her character more than all the others. And Jamie just made me angry. He made some of the worst decisions a man could ever make in a life time. He was smart, but had absolutely no common sense (as my own father would put it). But neither did Jacob from the bible. In this Higgs kept close to the character. I've also noticed that through out the entire bible, God uses the most broken, crumpled, lowly, liars, cheats, thieves, and non understandable people there ever was. Through this He shows just how great He is. This also why I liked Jamie's character, because he was someone I really would have liked to punch. If that makes any sense.

Lessons: 5 stars

Anything that teaches forgiveness, love and hope all in one book deserves 5 stars. Call me a sap, it's severly lacking in everything , modern, I read.

Action: 4stars

There was a little bit of action between the brothers. Other than that there was an "almost" fist fight between the sisters...I hated this part, only because I felt like the fact that they were fighting a man, ugh...that really just frustrated me. But I guess if that man was the only visible key to my freedom, I'd be pretty mad at anyone who tried to take that away from me too. It kind or teetered on just plain dramatic and this is a train wreck. But If I was reviewing it on accuracy to the original story, I'd say it was dead on.

Romance: 5 stars

Of course this whole book was based off of a romance from the bible. I bet there are some of you out there, reading this, that didn't know that the bible has recorded romances. Well they do, and not all are beautiful. As a matter of fact, most are ugly. Again, this is one of the ways God shows His wonders. He takes something wretched, torn, cracked, smudged, spit on, and trampled and makes it a sight to behold in your heart. And this is exactly what I just described. It's pretty much a love triangle, between two sisters and a cousin.

Length: 4 Stars

Although it was a pretty big book, I liked the length. It satisfied me, which is really all I'm looking for. I like it even more though, when I'm satisfied and some.

Overall: 4Stars

Overall, I liked it. The whole, transferring an ancient story into a modernized story, was impressive. As it always is if done well. Like I said before, my absolute favorite character in this book was Leana. And I honestly hope I never have to endure her pain.
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