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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
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Mar 07, 2008

it was ok

I found a review that I'd like to share. I believe that this reader's review represents how I feel and she writes it in a way that I never could have. For me, this book was less than likeable, I thought I was the only one. I was on the verge of re-reading it after hearing so many positive responses to it, maybe I didn't get it the first time...

After reading this reader's review, I am reminded that I don't want to revisit this story or get to know that character again.

here is her review-

Mrs. Miska's review
rating: 2 out of 5 stars

We're considering adding this book to the 10th grade curriculum next year, and as such, I figured I had better finish reading it. See, I read the first few chapters a few years ago, but put it down. Picking the book back up wasn't as tiresome as I figured it would be, so that's a plus. However, Krakauer leaves me with not much more than a few nagging thoughts on personal philosophies and an annoyance with his redundancies.

I can see how a 10th grade boy might get a lot out of this book, and how it could be interesting to insert into a discussion on the Transcendentalists. I'm just wondering if the author meant to portray McCandless as a crackpot, or if his last few chapters are his [lame] attempt at showing how NOT crazy Mr. Supertramp is. Because really? It's not very convincing. Sure, I can find some sympathy/empathy for Alex/Chris, but it is brief and fleeting. Mostly this book seems to be a trip into a moderately disturbed mind that is the product of some family drama. It's a good train wreck.

Clearly, I don't share the ideals of McCandless, nor do I have the same fascination with the wild, even though I enjoy the outdoors and love rock climbing. Maybe that's where this book breaks down for me. Sure, I see the flaws in our society, but his impatience for working with the system to create change just chafes me. I've spent the past several years trying to teach my students that through patience and a responsible dialogue with the powers that be, they can create positive change in their communities. That McCandless preaches the opposite - that running away from society and complaining all the while solves his problems - goes against my personality.

Of course, he dies testing out his theory, and my students succeed in creating change. But what do I know?

Regardless, I would recommend this book as an interesting character study, good for understanding one's own perspective on life. Krakauer's writing style could have used a stronger polish, but isn't terrible...
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Toni I agree 100%

Jayne Really great review, thank you!

message 1: by Cem/Lucky (new)

Cem/Lucky oh my dear, you are absolutely right. i love this book and Chris is just like me. I love his style of writing and thinking and it's wonderful to identify with this awesome guy. I thank you for your opinion and for me it's also a hero. His reaction of leaving his parents was the right one to found himself. Me and my boyfriend Frodo want to find us also and this book inspired us so much.

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