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Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith
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Apr 14, 11

Read in April, 2011

Quite awful, actually.

Though I don't really give 1 star ratings (like, this is the fourth one out of 230), this one deserved it. I read the back and it sounded fascinating. The cover was kind of interesting, too, even if that is a revolting shade of yellow (or is it green?). So I read it.

One of those books that I would have stopped reading, except I had finished my state testing and it was the only book I had on me (second day). I had recently finished Holly Black's Valiant, which I thought was pretty bad, and had some naughty language.

Ha. This one had soooo much more. It even mentions that one of the older characters thinks that that's how teenagers talk, so he's sure to throw the f work in about twice per sentence. As I've said before, way to not stereo type.

The entire first quarter of the book is dedicated to teenagers buying alcohol and throwing a drunken party. Nothing 'fae' is even mentioned. I was bored, but it made sense.

And then, after part one, things got confusing. I had no idea what was happening. You know those bad action movies, with random shootings thrown in seemingly to pass time? Betwixt was like that, but it was dialogue and huge 'revelations' instead.

Actually, scratch that about the revelations; nothing was ever explained. I had no idea what was going on for any of the book, and I don't think the author did either. She wanted to keep everything so mysterious that she decided not to explain ANYTHING, and keep the reader guessing.

She continues to do this for the REST OF THE STORY.

What? Lame. What reader enjoys a book where they are constantly left outside? The point of mysteries are to gradually explain, so when the truth is finally out, everyone's like 'whoa'. You can't just leave us all wondering why we just wasted nearly 500 PAGES reading about nothing.

The characters were all boring. Hated all of them.

Never figured out what dust was. It's refered to for most of the book, but was another thing that was never explained and never seemed to serve most of a purpose.

The book itself served no purpose. I'm rather sad I wasted an entire day reading this.

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