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The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
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Feb 22, 2008

did not like it

After reading the first book it was good enough to keep reading the other books although I didn't love it. I really liked the second book, but after the whole series was finished I was rather disappointed. I thought the story was compelling, but if you're looking for a book appropriate for you teenage girls this is not it. There are far too many points of view that if you call yourself Christian you will probably have a problem with. I really wanted to like these books, but after the insertion on homosexuality (hinted at in the first book, and is clear in the third book) it felt like another way so many are trying to instill homsexualtiy tolerance. I don't believe in persecuting homosexuals but I do believe it is wrong. So much is currently being done to try and change public opinion especially in hollywood to homosexuality and I find that this book ads to that sentiment. If you feel homosexuality is wrong I would not recommend this book especially to your teenagers. There are also some pretty dark moments in the book that I thought too heavy for teenagers. If you take these things out I would have liked the books far better. If I had known this before starting them I don't think I would have started.
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Missi Stone When ten percent of the human population are homosexuals, teaching a level of acceptance and tolerance becomes the only way for we as a civilization to move forward. Gay rights are the same as civil rights because it all comes down to the rights of human beings to love, to live freely, and to be in sync with oneself. A book that shows tolerance of difference is by no means something bad for teenagers. If anything, more teenagers need to read books from the perspective of homosexuals in order to learn that they are people too. There is far too much bullying in this world of people who are different, and your views seem to press against this not being that big of a deal. You don't have to like homosexuality. You don't have to be homosexual. But showing tolerance means showing respect that someone who does not have the same sexual orientation as you is still in fact human.

Julie I can teach my children to love others and show tolerance without teaching them the behavior is okay. Some homosexuals are not okay with just living their lifestyle. They want it taught in the schools, they want it to be displayed in society whenever they can as an okay lifestyle. They aren't just teaching tolerance, they are teaching acceptance as right and okay. The two are very different. If you truly want to show tolerance than you need to be tolerant to those who think homosexuality is wrong. I teach my children that homosexuality is real and that there are those who choose to practice it. Homosexuals deserve to live too, but I draw the line when they want to move past tolerance into force. After rereading my review I can see it would have been better to say "believing homosexuality is okay" than homosexual tolerance. I stand corrected on those choice of words.

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