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Violet Tendencies by Jaye Wells
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Apr 19, 11

This is a short story that falls between book 2 and three of the Sabina Kane series. It all seemed very rushed and contrived to me though. It seemed like she just wanted to get rid of Valva, and turned her into a bitch in the blink of an eye. Also, the description of the strippers really irked me, and the idea that there would be that much baby oil around is simply ridiculous. By the way, there is no such thing as "assless chaps". Chaps have no ass, that's what makes them chaps. If they had an ass, they would be leather pants.

While we're at it, why does Valva have a peacock tail when she's female, and if she does have a peacock tail, they would have had to stuff her in a bag for hockey sticks or something, lol. Anyway, the books are better. :-)

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Vanessa theJeepDiva LOL! Great honest review. The baby oil seemed a bit out of place to me to. Unless they stock it up for oil wrestling night.

Jill I could have put up with a lot of the silliness, if she didn't make the strippers sound like a bunch of big titted idiots. I love the rest of the series, and I know she normally gives the female characters a lot more depth, but I really feel she failed the women in this story. I felt like someone else had written this.

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