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Forged by Bart D. Ehrman
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May 09, 11

it was amazing
Read from April 14 to May 09, 2011

I would suggest that every Christian read this book, but you could give all the evidence in the world - you could give concrete proof - that the Bible is an imperfect, fallible, and very human book, and most Christians would still believe it's the inerrant and perfect "Word of God." People believe what they want to believe. It's just really sad that so many people base their lives on the Bible, but are at the same time so ignorant of its history. Most Christians can't even answer simple questions about the Bible like when the various books were written and who wrote them. Most Christians haven't even read the entire Bible. And the people who are educated in the Bible's history, but still hold to the belief that it's the infallible "Word of God," have to perform theologically creative backflips to continue justifying such a belief.

In this book, Ehrman gives overwhelmingly specific and credible evidence in support of the argument that almost half of the books in the New Testament are literary forgeries. He also gives overwhelmingly credible evidence to the fact that writing pseudonymously (e.g. a student writing udner the name of a teacher) was NOT a common practice in antiquity. Most of these forgeries were written decades (or even centuries) after the person the forgers were claiming to be had died. It's very simple - forgers claimed to be apostles or disciples of Jesus because they knew it would give authority to what they wrote.

The Bible is a man-made book that contains a lot of really ridiculous ideas and is absolutely not the perfect and inspired "Word of God." It's just sad that so many people have taken such a silly book so seriously over the last 1,700 years.
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