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Morning Glories, Vol. 1 by Nick Spencer
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Alana Really? You didn't think it was lacking something?

Brian Compared to other stuff that I have been reading, it had enough to make me happy. Character development, decent plot, and kept me guessing. If I can't identify what is missing, I give it a good score. It reminded me a lot of David Lapham's work. What did you think was missing?

Alana Coherence. The ability to tell the guys apart--during that one reveal, I didn't even know who it was! Also a sense of time. I was a little confused about what was going on when, and it all felt so fast. There are clear character traits, but I'm not so sure about the actual development, either...

Brian It runs back on itself. It was a first volume, so it isn't gonna set up the whole story. It could be alternate worlds, could be the big top thing in the basement. They need the right kid to be able to handle the stressors to accomplish a goal. So they set it up. If you think this is bad, try old Grant Morrison works. Shit had no coherence at all. Some of alan moore's stuff was like that too. I feel ya though.

Alana Oh, I loathe Morrison, Mr. Write-Every-Third-Word-of-What-I'm-Thinking. I'm a very literal person, so I like my comics to be fairly straight-forward. I do better with non-linear (etc) things when they're movies or TV shows.

Brian Gotcha! Personal interest. I can appreciate Linear, but I like to mix it up. I have read some great books that are non-linear. Matt Ruff is a master at it in book form. Palahniuk did it in Rage!

Alana I gave up on Palahniuk aaages ago, after Diary alternately bored and confused me. I think it was Haunted where I was like "Okay, dude, I get it. You can gross people out. But didn't you used to have more in your repertoire?"

Brian I was thinking about your linear thing. Do you like poetry? I'm guessing not since most of it is metaphor. Sorry to hear about Palahniuk. I liked all of his except Tell All. He does tend to polarize.

Alana Some poetry. Not a lot of metaphor, no. :D

ALSO, dude, you have a book on hold and it's RIGHT THERE ON YOUR SHELF. I have a book I want to get for my daughter and I and YOU HAVE A HOLD ON IT. Can you just see if yours is on the shelf so we can have this one and then all of us don't have to wait the days for those copies to travel? It's Article 5.

Alana If it's not there for whatever reason (or the librarian doesn't want to give it up yet), let me know and I'll process this one and toss it in the bag for you.

Brian It was supposed to go to Camden Ferry. Most likely it was one of my ILL that got bought. They don't send it there even though I put it on the request. You can take it off my hold and keep it awhile. Then I will request it. Let me know when your done so I don't limit your time.

Brian I have it as in transit to Camden. They shouldn't have shelved it. Same thing is happenning to my Mockingbird request form South County. Grrr

Alana Yeah, someone put it in the bin for Camden and I told them to leave it there since I didn't hear from you by the end of the day. If there were a way for staff to know when something goes from on order to processing, we'd move things along a lot faster.

Have you read Android's Dream? I really enjoyed it and I think you might like it. It was suggested to me by a patron in return for me suggesting the Dresden Files to him, but it's more sci-fi than that. Silly, but not TOO silly, which is a big thing for me.

Brian Sent it on to Gloucester. I can wait. I still got a decent pile of to read books I want to read.

Alana Thanks!

Brian No problem at all. Let me know how it was.

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