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Valor at Vauzlee by Thomas DePrima
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Apr 13, 2011

it was ok
Read in April, 2011

In the previous novel, Ensign Jenetta Carver wakes from an 11 year stasis nap to a world that has drastically changed. Her incredible space brain allows her to defeat the Raiders who attack her vessel and to devastate a gigantic asteroid base and its docked fleet, earning her respect and admiration from the general public and an unprecedented promotion. The downside? She was subjected to a DNA procedure that will make her "look like a goddess" and live for about 5,000 years, during which she will forever look 21 years old. Some people have the worst luck!

But that's only the start to Ensign Lieutenant Commander Carver's career. In this book she single-handedly devises plans to trounce the Raider organization once more, against the advice of Space Command's War College (which seems to be staffed entirely by trained monkeys), earning the starry-eyed admiration of virtually the entire command structure, from petty officers to the admiralship. But, let us be honest: given her talent and achievements, who could not love her? As the book points out, her sole flaw is that she might be just a little too modest. And since everyone who disagrees with Jenetta Carver's plans or assessments is proven wrong in short order, it would be rather silly of the Admirals not to follow her advice.

Jenetta Carver is brilliant, intuitive, charismatic, conscientious and drop-dead gorgeous; she's a capable martial artist with Wolverine's healing factor ability, destined to live for millenia, who hates senseless violence. She may well be the second coming of Jesus Christ (or the first coming of the messiah proper, following the Jewish tradition). The Galactic Alliance is fortunate indeed to have her.

No seriously, this is just comically bad.

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