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Emmie's Love by Janette Seymour
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Janette Seymour's Emmie's Love is Purity's Passion, redux; the same terms and motifs are used: a violent opening involving near rape and an alluded castration; frequent mentions of "handy-dandy"; dampened sheer muslin gowns; blond studs performing for an audience; a one night stand with a doomed soldier; a blue-eyed, scar-faced hero that is rarely seen; and a heroine with no personality save for being a busty, lusty wench.

Just as in Purity's Passion, the heroine is separated from her true love, and must f--- her way back to him. Emmie Dashwood--grand-daughter to an aged Marquess who pats her rump in a most loving fashion--lives in a moldy, decaying manor with her large moochy family. After grandpa's death she is sold in marriage to an older man living another continent away. On her trip across the ocean, she falls in love with Captain Nathan Grant, a married ship's captain. But love does not come easily to our dear Emmie; there are many travails ahead. There is a family sex romp in an orangery; church sermons brimming with hellfire and damnation; a satanic sex orgy in said church led by goat-headed stud; a beheaded dog followed by a shocking use for the dismembered head; a blackmailing Peeping Tom; an erotic massage given to Emmie by a robust Irish maid; a seduction of a teenage soldier, and much, much more.

A few gripes: the book blurb gets some minor plot points wrong, typos such as such as "$a1shouted" are annoying, and worst of all, while the hero on the cover is blond, alas, in the book he's black haired with a white streak running through it. Except for a doomed French hunter and his sad tale, there's not much depth, as one salacious encounter followed by another--not that I'm complaining. The heroine is a bit of a twit. No, not the other word, this is no pornographic book, after all! If you are looking for explicitness and gratuity look elsewhere (and tell me about it when you find it)! Everything is alluded to, with water euphemisms galore: waves crashing, crests swelling, waters breaking, dams bursting. And yes, bodices ripped. It is a saucy tale, replete with ribaldry. Titillating though it is, but not quite a bodice ripper masterpiece.

4 stars/B-
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message 1: by Karla (new)

Karla "the heroine is separated from her true love, and must f--- her way back to him"

Wow, you've pretty much summed up BRs in one short, succinct sentence! Well done! :D

So there were sapphic vibes in this one (the maid's massage)? There were plenty of them in the two Petra Leigh books I've read - and I put that down to being written by a guy. But maybe it's merely the kitchen sink approach in some of these BRs - and this one sounds kitchen sinky too. Wow!

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Huston Karla (Mossy Love Grotto) wrote: ""the heroine is separated from her true love, and must f--- her way back to him"

That has to be the very best summation of the Old Skool BR that I have ever read. Well done!

Wendy,  Lady Evelyn Quince Thank you ladies, on occasion I try my best. :)

message 4: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully great (funny) review!

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