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Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT TILL NEXT YR!!!...The Warden needs to surprise us with an early release later this year...come one PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

UpdateThe Warden always delivers! Outstanding characters creatively woven through well crafted events. Somethings I didnt always understand, or like but I appreciated the action-packed and emotional roller-coaster ride I escaped to for a few hours. She always cements with each new novel the extent of her writing prowess and as My fav writer.

The Main characters main me cry.....and that is all im going to comment on those two before i start weeping again. This hot pic reminds me of them Photobucket

Now the other characters like Xcor (view spoiler) his attachment to someone I would not have ever dreamed would be possible or entered the scope of my imagination,but i have hope the Warden knows what she is about and the direction each character guides her.

oh and i absolutely I LOVE LASSITER. point, black period!!!!
just thought i'll put that in as well lol.

John and Xhex relationship had me on eggshells...but their continual make-up sex was HOTT!!!! Following pic reminds me of them Photobucket

Oh and Warden introduced Assail and more names to the Band of Brothers who will hopefully be explained in future books. And that bit about Layla (view spoiler)I WILL FOREVER DESPISE NO HATE WHAT THE WARDEN DID THERE, still boggles my mind especially with what happens to my love peas possible future in the end

OK for the pièce de résistance; the last part with Blay and Qhuinn was freaking fantastic he quote
(view spoiler) unquote.

OMGGGGGG *freak out mode* Unfortunately im hyperventilating
and this will have to be the end of my review...Next Book CANT WAIT!!!
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34.0% "OMGGGG feels like im about to die from so much AWESOMENESS!!! Im in love with the Warden right now...sigh but wtf is up with my man John and Xhex???? Xcor??? lord have mercy im on pins and needles, on one hand i wanna like him but one the other i wanna slap the piss outta him...decisions ...decisions lol"

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Angela I'm feeling EXACTLY the same!!!!!

Courtney i completely agree!

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