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Moonlight Cove by Sherryl Woods
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Apr 11, 2011

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Moonlight Cove is book six of Chesapeake Shores Series, and my first book by Sherryl Woods. Even though it belongs to a series it can be read as a stand-alone.

Jess O’Brien suffers from ADD and blames her errors and mishaps to this. She also doesn’t believe somebody can love her the way she is. Two of her best friends Laila Riley and Connie Collings convinced her to join a new online dating service in their area. She accepts reluctantly, she does it almost because her friends force her. But when days pass and her two friends received invitations from men they have been match by the company and Jess doesn’t received anything, she feels even more as a failure. It’s not that she wants the dating service to work, the problem is she feels she is not good enough for anybody.
Will Lincoln is the only psychologist in the town of Chesapeake. Will also designed a program to match different personalities to find the most suitable partner for a person accordingly to the characteristics this two persons have in common. He is also the owner of Lunch by the Bay, the new dating company Jess and her friends are using.
Will has been in love with Jess since they were very young, but Jess has never seen him as anything different than her Brother’s friend.
When Will received Jess application for Lunch by the Bay he doesn’t know what to do with it. He loves Jess and wants her for himself and doesn’t want to match her with anybody else. But his professionalism makes him include her information in the database, with the great fortune that the program doesn’t match her with anybody else. Lunch by the Bay is just starting and it doesn’t have many members.
Seeing that Jess is ready to find somebody, gives Will the push he needed to start to court her, before she finds somebody else. Will approaches Jess and lets her know of his feeling and intentions towards her; but Jess it’s not sure, she thinks Will just sees her as a study case because of her disorder. For them to be together Jess needs to leave behind many of her preconceptions and Will’s love needs to be strong enough to overcome obstacles.

In Moonlight Cove we see other couples developing a relationship. One of those is with Jess friend’s Connie Collins. She has always been attracted to Jess uncle Thomas O’brien and in this book we see them getting together. I liked this relationship a lot, sadly, maybe more than Jess and Will’s. Connie and Thomas are mature adults, with divorces behind them, who finally after many years find their perfect mate. I liked the message of a second chance this couple gives us.

Jess is a young woman who has battled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) her whole life. She was diagnosed at a late age, and this has made her a little bit insecure. She doesn’t know her own value and sometimes she underestimated her own capabilities and possibilities. Because of her parents’ separation when she was just a child, she also has some abandonment issues she needs to deal with before she can be happy.

Will is a very patience man. He knows what he wants and it’s willing to go the extra mile to obtain it. He loves Jess deeply and just wants what is best for her. I think he is perfect for Jess, because he understands her behavior and doesn’t let her use her ADD as an excuse.

In this book Mrs. Wood also shows us some glimpses of another interesting couple, Susie and Mack. They will be protagonists of Mrs. Wood’s next book, Beach Lane, available May 31, 2011.

Moonlight Cove was a nice read, with some fun characters. The problem I encounter with this book was its pace. The first two thirds of the book are very slow, Jess and Will go back and forth, and nothing is happening for too long. This got to the point that I was mentally screaming at them, “enough! Or get together or separate, but no more go around, please!” I just wanted something to happen between them for the book to end.
In my opinion, I think Connie and Thomas relationship saved this book. If it weren’t for them, this waiting for something to happen would have been worst.

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