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ReneCade by Cameron Dane
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Apr 12, 11

Read on April 12, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I think I'd give this 3.5, but since that's not an option, I'll go with 4. I had a bit of a problem with Cade's behavior in here, the way he behaved with Ren. This does NOT mean that I agree with Ren having sex with Tex. Ren and Cade had sex, admittedly incredible, wonderful, steamy sex, in Ren's house and after the Rodeo (I'm kinda not counting by the stream here), and both times, when Cade leaves, he pretty much ignores Ren. Okay, we know what's going on, but Ren doesn't. All he knows is that Cade gives him the brush off, doesn't return a phone call, and it's the second time it happens. As I said, Ren having sex with Tex, while SLIGHTLY understandable with the crush factor and thinking Cade was using him, isn't right; I don't see it, however, as equal to all that Cade puts him through.

If it had happened after the two men were together (even without declaring their undying love) for a while, even just a couple of months, then yes, I can see it. It just seemed slightly farfetched. That's basically how I got through this, by imagining to myself a more developed relationship between the men.

The rest of the story, I loved and it definitely appealed to the angst-lover in me :). The resolution of the mystery wasn't what I would have liked, but I still thought it was okay -- I guessed it was Shelly fairly early on, although I never would have guessed she'd go after Cade. It did make sense though when I read it.

Oh, another slight boo for Cade making Ren wait 6 months!!! But I accepted it with my substitution of the longer relationship :). For all the negative I've seemingly written, it was nonetheless a wonderful story that I will certainly read again in future!

***As you'll have noticed, I don't really write "reviews", just my own rambling thoughts and impressions. (I've decided to include this on all "reviews" just so people know. Maybe I should put it at the top?)***

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