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Memory in Death by J.D. Robb
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Feb 21, 08

bookshelves: mystery, romance
Read in January, 2006

This is the 22nd book in the In Death series.

Christmas is just around the corner and soon Eve and her friends will be saying goodbye to the year 2059. Walking into her office after closing a case of "death by stupidity" Eve spies a woman sitting at her desk. Asking the woman her name, she gives Eve a bewildered look and says "Why honey, don't you know me, I'm your mama."

The woman is Trudy Lombard one of Eve's foster parents a vicious woman then and a vicious blackmailer now. Kicking her out of the Office, Eve goes into a tailspin. Roarke is there to pick up the pieces and sends Trudy packing. Except a few days later, Trudy ends up dead and Eve finds herself, for the first time, having to find the murderer of a victim that she truly isn't sorry is dead.

This was a welcome installment because it overtly deals with Eve's past after she was rescued by the social workers in the alley. Since the first book, Robb has been giving us bits of pieces of Eve's first 8 years of life. We've learned about her father, about her abuse even a little bit about her real mother. But the significance has always been the ending of the old life in the alley with a jump to the new life into the academy.

There has never really been any exploration or real descriptions of what happened between those two events until this book. The set up for the emotional ramifications of this book was established back when Roarke found out about the truth of his own mother. It creates such an impact when Trudy makes that statement about being Eve's mother because for a moment, I believed it. I believed we'd get the nightmare mirror reflection of what Roarke found. And in some ways we did with Trudy. And the continuity, once again with Rob is excellent. After Roarke found his mother, there was just the smallest hint, just the merest suggestion that Eve was a bit jealous. Here her jealousy spews out in a raw, angry moment that feels really real. And is really kinda sad.

The mystery and the eventual catching of the killer is quite satisfying. But like a few other stand-out books in the series, what makes this one for me isn't the mystery or the plot, it is the characters and the emotions.

Although I do have to say there was one stand out scene that just rocked my socks. The scene in Roarke's office when he sends Trudy on her way is yet another one those of awesome 'Roarke is a scary guy' moments that Robb sends us once in awhile. Reminds me of the scene where he tortures that guy in Dublin after finding out about his own mother. I could almost envision Trudy running out of his building as if the devil were breathing on her neck. Great scene. Great menacing dialogue from our resident sexy Billionaire.
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