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Hell's Corner by David Baldacci
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May 03, 2011

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Read from April 10 to 25, 2011

Scott and I listened to this book together. It's always fun to read a book with someone. I like to talk and ask questions and visit about things that are happening. Scott is a better listener than I am. We both read other Baldacci books during this read. I realized this was book 5, so I read book 4 and Scott read 3 and 4. Then we both finished five together. ***spoilers ahead, stop here****
It's a normal plot, bad guys, and good guys and who is going to win? Of course the good guys. By the time we read so many Baldacci books at once we were tired of reading them. Too similar. I do like his stories though. This one starts when he is walking in Lafayette Park and a bomb goes off. The whole book revolves around who placed the bomb so close to the White House and how did they get it though all of the safe guards. It turns out that the enemy has invented a nano technology that makes it so a bomb doesn't smell like a bomb. The dogs that sniff bombs don't work, because they can't smell it. This is a scary thought. The bad guys, in this case, a woman, is very evasive and very planned out. She leads them on several red herrings so that they don't see her true identity. But Oliver Stone figures it out and chases her down and captures her. Then avoiding being blown up inside the mountain where he trained, he ferrets her out. After that he realizes that his partner has really been hired to kill him. She is a sharp shooter just like him and she has been hired to take him out. She doesn't and just leaves, and that is the end of the book. Good old Oliver Stone.

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