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Long Time Coming by Scarlett Parrish
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Apr 17, 11

Read from April 10 to 14, 2011

Originally posted at Fiction Vixen

Reading the blurb for this book I expected a heroine that was entirely closed off to the idea of falling in love and not too fussed about men beyond having a little fun. This is a romance novel so of course I expected her to eventually fall in love. But because this story is written in first person perspective, right away I realized her heart was a little more vulnerable than she likes people to believe and although she’s not looking for love, she’s not just a fun loving girl just looking for a good time either. That also is not totally unexpected but Piper isn’t an overly dramatic heroine. Piper avoids becoming involved because she wants to avoid being hurt but she’s not angsty or silly about it. Through her internal dialog we learn that she is vulnerable, and has self-doubts but not to the point where she is flakey or has no direction. She comes off pretty solid but her character doesn’t have that hard bristly edge that seems to come standard in heroines bent on avoiding love. I really liked the Piper that the world saw as well as the secret, personal Piper.

The very beginning of the story sees Piper through two encounters with different men; first a break-up and then an encounter with a long-time friend. I had forgotten the name of the hero after the reading the blurb so I assumed the long-time friend was the hero. Things were rolling right along and then something unexpected happens and I thought uh-oh…where is this story going? Thankfully, our hero Leo enters Piper’s life soon after and things really heat up and get even more interesting.

Leo is a super-hot, ultra sexy Irishman who likes women, and drinking. He curses like a sailor and when he sees something or someone he wants, he intends to have it and he wants Piper. But like Piper, he is more than what we see on the surface. Despite his aggressive demeanor he is a gentleman and I find that combination verra sexy. Add to that his Irish accent for dirty talking and we have a winner folks!

Piper and Leo go back to her place for what they both expect will be one night together and they end up spending the entire weekend having super-hot sex and getting to know each other a little bit. There is a lot of sexy time in this book and it is smoking hot. Leo is very intense both in and out of the bedroom and his dirty talking skills are pretty good.

“Look, darlin’, I can’t stand it. I can’t let you ride me. Not now.” His finger played over my nipple then over the rest of my breast. “See, what I want more than anything right at this minute…” His hand snaked up my chest, around my neck, to my hair. “I want to see you under me because…” His voice dropped to a husky murmur. “Because even though your breasts are fucking glorious and even though the sight of you arching your back above me makes me want to ram my cock into you even deeper, there is nothing—nothing—in this world I would rather see right now than you, underneath me, taking however much of my cock I see fit to fuck you with.”I gulped. Started to shake. “…Begging for one more inch…” I whimpered. “Straining up to meet me at every stroke, until you’re so close to coming that you pull me in even deeper and tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”

Leo and Piper spend a great deal of time in the bedroom over the weekend but they also begin to get to know each other during that time. There is not a lot of deep conversation; just enough to realize that there may be more than just sexual chemistry between them, although the sexual chemistry is certainly what drives them at first. There are no major external conflicts here, just Piper’s emotional journey in protecting her heart and finding love. I really liked that the story was focused on the relationship and Piper’s internal conflicts with falling in love.

There is an emotional build-up to the ending and I loved that. The final line in the book is like a long awaited emotional release where you can finally let out the breath you didn’t know you holding. (<–Can you tell I’ve read a few romance novels?) It’s a happy ending, but I really think this book needed an epilogue. Without revealing too much, I needed just a little more. While this is Piper’s journey, and I loved it, this was also a journey to love for Leo and the story ended in such a way that I felt like I needed an epilogue told from Leo’s point of view. The title of the book actually comes from something Leo says and that made me want a little insight from Leo’s perspective.

Leo and Piper are the focus of the story but there is a secondary character that only got a small amount of page time but he made a very big impression on me. His name is Hyde, and he has filthy mouth calling people names like “dorty fecker”. He lives in a cage, and some people suspect that he is gay. Do I have your attention? Well, you’ll just have to read the book, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Long Time Coming is a super sexy love story that carries a good bit of emotional weight. I liked Piper and Leo and enjoyed their journey to love; so much so that I really wanted more after the end. Perhaps the author can be persuaded to see things my way and write follow up from Leo’s perspective? I’d gobble it up quick like.

Favorite Quotes:

“Are you always like this?”

“What, Irish, devilishly handsome and in a pub?” He shrugged. “Mostly, yeah. Oh, Leo, by the way.”


“Christ, woman, I swear like a trooper and I’ve got a huge cock!”


“I loved it when you grabbed my hair; I knew I was doing something right.”

“You haven’t—”

“Ssh, just listen. Don’t try to be the ball-breaker with me. You won’t win. I’m just saying, there’s nothing sexier for a man than a woman who comes so hard her whole body shakes and he was the one who made it happen.”
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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine and he has filthy mouth calling people names like “dorty fecker”.

I love the way that sounds in that accent.

Sophia (FV) Well, his particular character has a very unusual accent. *g*

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