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Indelible by Lani Woodland
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Indelible by Lani Woodland

5 STARS - would be more if I could give them!

Seriously, where do I start? This book was ... words like fantastic, amazing, wonderful, awesome ... they all come to mind but they just don't do it enough justice. Put them all together and you get this book. I am in love with the way the author writes. She pulls you into the story, she makes you feel the characters and no matter how many times you think you've figured it out, you haven't. You can't. In order to figure it out you would have to be in her brain. The twists are fantastic, the charaters are amazing, the story is wonderful ... it's just awesome. There, I used all those words and look at me, a 35 yr old woman just gushing like a teen fan!

Yara is such a great character. She is level-headed (SO rare in YA these days), when a situation arises where she has to use her brain, SHOCKER HERE, she uses it! It is such a wonderful experience to read a story where the girl is not TSTL, where I'm not screaming at the book, "You IDIOT! Don't agree to that, THINK 1st!!!" She is not overly emotional or annoying and she doesn't agonize nonstop when a problem occurs in her relationship with Brent. There is no 'oh why doesn't he like me, what did I do, what can I change to make him like me' - she let's time do it's thing and she doesn't run away. She believes in their love and she can because it's not there 'just because'. It's there because they built it together. It's there for real reasons that are evident through out the story, not just because he is the 'HOT' boy or the 'BAD' boy she should stay away from.
The love between her and Brent is refreshing. They developed their relationship slowly, spent time apart when they had to and were adorably real when they were together.

A quote that stuck to me and I love is:"I kissed him like parched earth soaked up rain after a drought. I had missed him, needed him...."
I could feel Yara's need for Brent in that moment, it was emotional and raw. I understood her love for him and his for her.

I adore Vovo. She had a huge part in this book and I am so happy to get to know her. I really look forward to the rest of the story and what is to come for Yara. I loved that Yara had the confidence in herself and in her friendship with Cherie to be open and honest about her abilities with her and her other friends.

I really wish there were 5 or 6 books already in this series and I had just stumbled upon them. I would have no problem immersing myself in them one after the other. But alas, this is only book 2 and now I have to wait for my next fix till sometime next year. *sigh* I really tried to take it slow and savor it, and I did as best I could. I am proud of myself for not sucking it down in a single sitting. I pushed it to 3 sittings ;)

It was very hard to put down and I found myself so many nights thinking: 'Just one more page' and then 'Well, one more page was like 8 pages ago Brandi so now at the end of this chapter I'll def quit' and then again 'OK, that was the end of the chapter, what are you doing!, you're still reading, you need to stop now ... WHAT!? HOly @%$^! Great, now I can't stop, ok, so one more page.....' - Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Until hubby roles over and cracks an eye at me with 'that look' and it snaps me out of my book induced trance and I realize it's 2AM and think 'but it was just 10 a little while ago!'
Yeah, we have all been there in some form or another, and I know I'll be there again and I don't mind cause when I'm in that trance, it means the book is damn good and who doesn't love a damn good book!?

If you have yet to read this series, start at the beginning with Intrinsical and you will not be unhappy. Maybe a little sleep deprived, but hey, it is a damn good book and totally worth it. Enjoy ...
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