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Teeth by Timothy James Dean
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Apr 15, 2011

it was amazing
Read from April 10 to 15, 2011

Just to get to this first: Thanks to my Goodread’s friend Steven; he was nice enough to send me this novel to read. He basically told me he thought this novel was so much fun, that he was willing to put his hard earned money to use and UPS this rip roaring ride of a novel to me. Kudos, props and thanks again my friend. I took one look at this novel, shook my head a few times, said, “Really?” a few times, and then dove into it not really knowing what to expect out of it. Let’s get to meat of the matter and see what is beyond the over the top cover art in this novel billed as “The Epic Novel With Bite” :
“"MOVE OVER MOBY-DICK, JAWS AND JURASSIC Park; HERE COMES THE FATHER!" It is 1945. WWII may be over in Europe, but in the South Pacific, it beats on, hammer-and-tongs. Johnny Willman is a 20-year-old soldier in Supreme Commander MacArthur's Army - but he's no greenhorn. He's been a sniper in the hellish jungles of the South Pacific for three years. Johnny wants above all else to be sent with the General on "Operation Downfall" - the imminent invasion of the Japanese Empire. But before that can happen, there's a little thing called "Operation Teeth" - a rescue mission into New Guinea's heart of darkness. Johnny travels with two Australians - Dingo, the veteran Major, and Footy, their colorful pilot. From the beginning, things go wrong. They're attacked by "the Father," 4,000 lbs. of man-eating crocodile. It kills a soldier, and Johnny wounds it. From that instant on, it hunts him, until the final heart-stopping confrontation on the beaches of the South Pacific.
With Johnny's group is Katsu, their prisoner. Katsu has only one thing left — his family heirloom samurai sword. The three run directly for the Valley of the Cannibals — home to the most bloodthirsty warriors on the entire Stone Age Island. The lovely Gwyn saved Johnny's life, but to have a chance with her, he must meet her challenge to rediscover his heart.”
Okay to get to the nuts and bolts of this novel, and once I took some muscle relaxers to ease the pain from shaking my head in wonder at what I was about to enter into, I really enjoyed it. The style is pretty amazing. You can definitely get the feel that Timothy James Dean did his homework on the subject matter. The plotline is definitely unique, and fun. It is rare one gets to read about (and this is in no particular order): an enormous crocodile, surfers, cannibals, headhunters, WWII, and samurai’s. I was waiting for a ringmaster from Cirque De Solei or Barnum and Bailey to show up and start narrating it for me. This is your basic circus of fun and frolic. If you are looking for an entertaining read, scarf this up, have some popcorn, cotton candy, corn dog and water ice handy; this is just the thing.
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Giovanni Gelati Thanks Steven for turning me on to it, I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Steven Wow that was a fantastic review and summed up the idea of the story very well. I am happy you enjoyed it and now we just have to wait it out for part two to see how these guys get together in the next installment :o)

Giovanni Gelati Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Have an awesome day.

message 4: by Timothy (last edited Apr 18, 2011 03:15PM) (new) - added it

Timothy Dean Giovanni - thanks for your great review. You had me laughing there!
- author Timothy James Dean

P.S. And above-and-beyond thanks to Steven Beltzer, who talks "TEETH" up tirelessly. Why? Just because he likes it.

It IS a different kind of adventure - I set out to do something big. I wanted to sum up the major events of the mid-20th Century. And I wanted to use compelling adventure in an exotic landscape I know well, in order to study great themes - war, murderous hatred, man against nature, friendship and even love. These motivators are as old as humankind, and as fresh as tomorrow's headlines.

Now - I better get back to polishing the sequel, "SKINS"! "TEETH" was enormous god-like crocodile, the cannibals that worship it - and the young soldiers who attempt to survive its river. "SKINS" is love among the crocodiles. And as for "THE SWORD" - well, you'll have to wait! TJD

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