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Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas
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Feb 02, 2016

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance
Read from April 12 to 13, 2011

This is probably my favorite of the Hathaway series yet! Harry Rutledge is my kind of hero and I really enjoy reading about characters like him. He's ruthless and doesn't play fair, but his heart is in the right place, what more could a girl ask for? I wasn't so sure I liked Harry and Poppy together at first, she didn't seem the type to be able to stand up to him, but I was wrong. Of course Lisa Kleypas has made me fall in love with Poppy too, I want to be her best friend!

I can't remember it word for word, but my favorite quote from Harry goes something like this, "You've been courted by a boy who had to ask permission. You should try a man who doesn't need any." *Swoon* So Rhett Butler, as others have pointed out, and that's why it's so great!

Things I loved:
* The curiosities room - I wish they had spent more time in there, I want a room just like it!
* The hotel staff deciding to help Harry and Poppy come together, how adorable!
* The whole salad conversation! I'll never look at a carrot in the same way again!
* That Harry was willing to fight Cam, Leo and Merripen just to get to Poppy, even though he was too angry, but that kind of fierceness is sexy to me.
* Harry's tenderness and concern when Poppy slipped and sprained her ankle, and the chocolates he earned a kiss for!

I listened to this on audio book first, but am definitely adding it to my nook library, I will be reading this for years to come, for sure!
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Quotes Shelly Liked

Lisa Kleypas
“In the fairy tale you mentioned last night, I would probably be the villain. But it's possible the villain would treat you far better than the prince would have.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“The chef turned back to the housekeeper. “Why is there doubt about the relations between Monsieur and Madame Rutledge?”

The sheets,” she said succinctly.

Jake nearly choked on his pastry. “You have the housemaids spying on them?” he asked around a mouthful of custard and cream.

Not at all,” the housekeeper said defensively. “It’s only that we have vigilant maids who tell me everything. And even if they didn’t, one hardly needs great powers of observation to see that they do not behave like a married couple.”

The chef looked deeply concerned. “You think there’s a problem with his carrot?”

Watercress, carrot—is everything food to you?” Jake demanded.

The chef shrugged. “Oui.”

Well,” Jake said testily, “there is a string of Rutledge’s past mistresses who would undoubtedly testify there is nothing wrong with his carrot.”

Alors, he is a virile man . . . she is a beautiful woman . . . why are they not making salad together?”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“I don’t want to be a widow, I don’t want Michael Bayning, and I don’t want you to joke about such things, you tactless clodpole!”

As all three of them stared at her openmouthed, Poppy leapt up and stalked away, her hands drawn into fists.

Bewildered by the immediate force of her fury—it was like being stung by a butterfly—Harry stared after her dumbly. After a moment, he asked the first coherent thought that came to him. “Did she just say she doesn’t want Bayning?”

“Yes,” Win said, a smile hovering on her lips. “That’s what she said. Go after her, Harry.”

Every cell in Harry’s body longed to comply. Except that he had the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff, with one ill-chosen word likely to send him over. He gave Poppy’s sister a desperate glance. “What should I say?”

“Be honest with her about your feelings,” Win suggested.

A frown settled on Harry’s face as he considered that. “What’s my second option?”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“I never want to be apart from you,” he said. “I’m going to buy an island and take you there. A ship will come once a month with supplies. The rest of the time it will be just the two of us, wearing leaves and eating exotic fruit and making love on the beach . . .”

You’d start a produce export business and organize a local economy within a month,” she said flatly.

Harry groaned as he recognized the truth of it. “God. Why do you tolerate me?”

Poppy grinned and slid her arms around his neck. “I like the side benefits,” she told him. “And really, it’s only fair since you tolerate me.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“But Harry . . . even if we had met and married three years ago, you’d still say it wasn’t enough time.”

“You’re right. I can’t think of a single day of my life that wouldn’t have been improved with you in it.”

“Darling,” she whispered, her fingertips coming up to stroke his jaw, “that’s lovely. Even more romantic than comparing me to watch parts.”

Harry nipped at her finger. “Are you mocking me?”

“Not at all,” Poppy said, smiling. “I know how you feel about gears and mechanisms.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“And Poppy, remember that someday you will meet a frog who will turn into a handsome prince."

"Good," Beatrix said. "Because all she's met so far are princes who turn into frogs."

"Mr. Bayning is not a frog," Poppy protested.

"You're right," Beatrix said. "That was very unfair to frogs, who are lovely creatures.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“I want you any way I can get you. Not because you’re beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, although devil knows you’re all those things. I want you because there’s no one else like you, and I don’t ever want to start a day without seeing you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“I have so much love for you, I could fill rooms with it. Buildings. You’re surrounded by it wherever you go, you walk through it, breathe’s in your lungs, and under your tongue, and between your fingers and toes...” His mouth moved passionately over hers, urging her lips apart. It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky. It was a kiss to make angels faint and demons weep...a passionate, demanding, soul-searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth off its axis. Or at least that was how Poppy felt about it.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“She was yours, if you'd truly wanted her," Harry continued, a pitiless smile touching his lips. "But I wanted her more.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

Lisa Kleypas
“Would you say that you're a good man, Harry?"

He had to think about that. "No," he finally said. "In the fairy tale you mentioned last night, I would probably be the villain. But it's possible the villain would probably treat you far better than the prince would have.”
Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight

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Shelly Oh my goodness!! I think I'm falling in love with Harry!!!

Lisa Kay Shell's Bells, I read the book first and then listened to the audio. The audio wasn't that great as they didn't get Harry's voice right. I'm like you; I think Harry is my fav of the Hathaway series. Great review - spot on!

Shelly Sorry to hear you didn't like the audio. The voice for Harry was not quite right, but I still liked it, plus I get to listen while at work!

Ronyell Great review Shell's Bells! I really loved the scene where Harry took care of Poppy's sprain ankle also!

Shelly Thanks Ronyell! Harry had me falling for him with villan comment, but when he fawned all over her I was completely goners! I might have to do a re-read sooner rather than later, needing a Harry fix!

Lisa Kay Shelly, I LOVED the things you loved, too!

Shelly Me too! After re-reading my review, it makes me want to go back and read/listen to this again!! But I want to achieve my goal of 200 books this year, so I need to focus on ones I haven't read yet!! *GRRR* Darn goals!

Lisa Kay I think you can do an audio "re-read" and it will count as a different book, Shelly! If you want to get around it that way. :)

Shelly Haha, I did it as an audio book the first time!

Kelly22 Amazing review Shell's!

Shelly Thanks Kelly!!

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