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Poser by Claire Dederer
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Although Claire Dederer is three years younger Ayelet Waldman, from my advanced age they seem to have more in common with each other than with me. I know three years isn't much, but I suspect that Dederer and Waldman do not see each other as peers.

And that is what went through my mind through much of this book. What does this person's life say to me. She is 12 years younger than me, she reared her children in the "baby comes absolutely first" era and she has done yoga for years and years. She can do the wheel, handstands and other yoga positions that I will never get my body into - ever.

However, Dederer kept my interest. She writes well, her story is humorous as well as insightful. She gave me some information about yoga although she assumed her readers know more than they might.

I am not sure who I would recommend this book to. I would be curious what a younger person interested in yoga would think of this. My friends who do yoga are mostly older than Dederer so I don't know if they would be interested.
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