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On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn
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Apr 09, 2011

really liked it
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Read from September 16 to 21, 2011 — I own a copy

*contains spoilers*
Jeez, I almost had a nervous breakdown while reading the last 20 pages or so of this book...(Julia, were you trying to kill me?)

On the Way To the Wedding is about Gregory, the youngest Bridgerton male, who is 26, and still unmarried; the story starts at a party hosted by Kate and Anthony, where our hero falls in love -or at least that's what he thinks- with the most beautiful and popular young lady around, Miss Hermione Watson. Turns out she doesn't return the feeling (really, she couldn't care less about him), and as so, her closest friend, Lady Lucy, agrees to help him conquer Hermione, because she can clearly see that he's the best of all the men who court -or try to- her dear friend. And...falls in love with him in the process.

For obvious reasons, the first part of this book reminded me a lot of The Viscount Who Loved Me, BUT Gregory is no Anthony, and I have to confess that it bothered me immensely that he kept thinking about Hermione and how amazing the back of her neck was for so long. Good God Gregory, open your eyes man, Lucy is right there. Just notice her already. Once. Humph.

The second part of the story brings a lot of drama to the couple, first because Gregory still doesn’t know Lucy is THE ONE, or that he’s in love with her (although he kisses her, likes it, and then pretends it never happened - grrr), and the poor girl is engaged to be married to a gay man, who, thank the heavens above, is a good fellow, and doesn’t really make things harder for them.

Like I said before, I almost had a fit in the end, with Lucy actually marrying the other guy, while Gregory was being escorted off the church screaming (!!!) – but alas, everything turned out okay in the end.

Kate and Anthony's bits were hysterical, I can hardly believe she once dressed him as Cupid to attend a masquerade! xD

My On the Way To the Wedding cast:

Sam Claflin as Gregory

Bella Heathcote as Lucy
(I made a video with all my casting suggestions :D)

So, that's a wrap! I absolutely loved this series, and my heart aches to say goodbye to it, but there are more books by Julia Quinn to read, so: YAY!

And because I agreed with my The Bridgertons reading buddy Elise to make a favorite's top, here it is (even if it pains me to do it!!):

1. Romancing Mister Bridgerton
2. The Viscount Who Loved Me
3. An Offer From a Gentleman
4. When He was Wicked
5. The Duke and I
6. It's In His Kiss
7. To Sir Phillip With Love
8. On the Way to the Wedding

Note: My favorite heroine of them all is Penelope, and my favorite hero is Anthony, so, you guys see my problem...I really wish I could put them both in the 1st place.

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19.0% "You're breaking my heart Gregory"
09/19/2011 page 139
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09/20/2011 page 230
62.0% "Poor Lucy :("
09/21/2011 page 371
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Elise ;P

message 3: by Adrienne Marie (new)

Adrienne Marie you enjoy all of the books in this series?

Carla *Jen7waters* Yes, I certainly have my favorites, but I love the whole series =D

message 5: by Adrienne Marie (new)

Adrienne Marie which one did you like after the 4th book? I just always compare them to the Viscount Who Love Me :) My favorite :)

Carla *Jen7waters* When He Was Wicked (#6)! It's one of my favorites :) The Viscount Who Loved Me is my second favorite of them all! :D

message 7: by Adrienne Marie (new)

Adrienne Marie ok me going to read it. you are the 2nd who told me the 6th book was their favorite.

Carla *Jen7waters* Awww, I'll be curious to know your opinion when you read it ;)

message 9: by Adrienne Marie (new)

Adrienne Marie reading the 1st chapter and love it!!

Carla *Jen7waters* :D it's quite angsty at first, and I loved it! I really like the hero Michael :)

Elise AHHH! YAY! I'm sorry I need to catch up! I know who I'm casting too. :)

Carla *Jen7waters* Aaaah, TELL ME! xD
I had doubts about Gregory, Ben Barnes was my runner-up, but Sam won in the end B-)

Elise This is really difficult..but I'm going to wait until I finish the book to read your review. Agghh!
I put my cast up on my review, though. :)

Carla *Jen7waters* Yes, yes, don't read it yet, Elise, the end has a big spoiler \0/

Elise The last pages were TORTURE! I was also reminded of The Viscount who Loved Me. But alas, Gregory and Lucy are not Kate and Anthony. :) (I loved their little parts in the book. Anthony as cupid!!) I LOVE your video. It makes me sad that there isn't anymore. :/
and I'm sorry I asked you to rank them, because now I have to. haha.
You can have Anthony's and Penelope's books totally tie for first. :))

Elise haha. NINE!?
There is no second epilogue for this one. :(

Carla *Jen7waters* Nine...xD

Oh, the last pages gave me a headache! First because, only then Gregory realizes he loves her, but mostly because of the marriage! The HORROR. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Ahah, thank you. I was so jealous of those people at Youtube with Bridgertons casting videos, I had to make one. xD

Yes! Now it's your turn to suffer making a top favorites! Muahahah!

Elise I knowww! I did NOT think she would actually marry him.
I've seen some of those videos. I like yours the best. :)

Lol. I did was hard.

Carla *Jen7waters* Me neither! I didn't think she was going to say: "No", I thought she was going to say "Yes, yes! Oh Gregory, YES!" and then they would run off the church (Hyacinth and Colin would lock the doors after they were out so no one would attempt to stop them), and elope to Scotland to live next to Frannie and Michael. Ta-dah! 9 kids. The End. xD

Elise I like that ending. 8D

and nine kids. can you imagine?

Carla *Jen7waters* xD

9 kids... I can't. I can't imagine. xD

Ducha Ribeiro Adorei o teu vídeo..Só discordo com o ator para o Colin;)..

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