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Jan 19, 12

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I keep hovering between three and four stars for this... I think, going by what I've rated the other books of Julie Hearn's that I've read, I'll have to nudge it down to three because it's definitely my least favourite so far. Still good though - just not quite as awesome as the rest. It seemed to be missing a lot of depth, for instance you're not told all that much about the dystopian world - there was a terrorist attack on London, which was basically flattened to the ground... but why? From whom? Why does that mean the UK is now basically shut off from the rest of the world? And almost nobody has a car? And people are publicly executed for their crimes? etc etc. Wow, so many questions! And there was already the creepy backstory, with the abandoned manor house and the Thing in the Box, so it felt like really it could have just been set in a real-world little isolated fishing village without the whole dystopian angle. Because even these days you could find a place as cut off and insular as Port Zannon, you know?

It also felt a bit odd at first how there were five friends in the gang, but only four ever had their own narrating chapters. I know Maude came more into things later on, but for the first half or so it really seemed like she'd just been forgotten! I enjoyed reading but didn't really like boy-crazy Jenna... the bit with the ballgown made me imagine her growing up into a Miss Havisham though :P Dilly was a good main character, Danzel just generally wasn't my cup of tea... and Gurnet was WEIRD. He sounded from the start like he was going to turn psycho, like kidnap them all and hold them hostage or something... I mean they're, what, fifteen? And he keeps referring to his friends as "my Danzel", "my Dilly", "my Maude" etc... it just came across as really creepy. Maybe it was meant to? Maybe he was meant to always be a bit unhinged, which is how he was such an easy target for Laurence/Hopelessness? And also it meant that he kept Laurence (I have to) all caged up for much longer than anyone else would have done, which built things up a lot more.

Oh yeah - I LOVED the Pandora's Box tie-in, that was brilliant. Basically, as the tale goes, Hope wasn't the last thing left in the box. The lid was closed after she had flown out, but there was still something in there... Hopelessness. And Hopelessness remained in the box all those years, and the box ended up at the manor house, where the butler (?) glimpsed it and screeched for the box to be shut again (it had been pilfered from a shipwreck). And it was hidden behind a secret panel, all chained up, and the manor house fell into disrepair, but then of course the kids go there one Halloween. And they find the box, and Maude opens it...

Btw I kept picturing Laurence to look like the Psammead from the cover of Five Children and It, only blacker... and a bit slimy.

Argh, so much to say. I was amused when Laurence decided that going after plankton would be the way to destroy the world, after spitting in the eye of the preacher didn't do much. Although it turned out that, had he done that, things would have gone to shit. Not so amusing anymore. But still, plankton! Tee hee. I would have liked more the battle too... that was all over so fast. Like, just a ping of light and Laurence is gone.

All up? A really creepy-awesome idea for a story, but the execution just didn't make me fall in love with it as much as I'd hoped to.
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message 1: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra Darn, shame about the execution, the idea sounds really, really interesting O: I feel like I might read it anyway though, Pandora's Box just sounds too cool.

May I ask what the shelf chall-ya-a-to-z means? I can't figure out for the life of me what chall means and it's frustrating me XD /stalking

Sally You definitely should read it! :D The idea is awesome, it's just a bit oddly put together at times XD

It's for challenge :D (I ran out of characters on another challenge shelf and they have to all be EVEN, dammit XD) The details are here, and I totally signed up because it has a challenge widget ;)

message 3: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra Okay okay, I'm adding it ;)

And oh, CHALLENGE. I *knew* I was missing something obvious! But that sounds really interesting.. although I'm not actually a member of the community. Dilemma. .-.

Sally You could do the same thing regardless of joining! Although you wouldn't have the widget then ;) I figured it's an easy enough challenge to do, because in a year I'd probably read books with titles A-Z anyway! Only a couple might need actual tracking down :)

message 5: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra True. I may or may not have made my list of 26 books just now. *innocent whistle* I think I'm going to make one of these cool pages on Tumblr for the challenge, might be nifty. :')

But yeah, tracking down some of the authors/titles.. auwch. XD

Sally Ooh, I like that idea :D

I thought X'd be the hardest and I'd have to cheat and use something starting with, like, extra... then I came across this!

message 7: by Sandra (last edited Jan 19, 2012 07:06AM) (new) - added it

Sandra I'll show you when I've finished :D It will probably be similar to the movie list I have here :) For now, the books I have chosen can be found already here :D Although I'm doing the challenge double: both book titles and author names because there are so many books on my eReader and I want to force myself to read them darn it. ;)

And ohhh yeah, I'd seen that book :D Though I'm not sure what to think of the summary D: So I listened to the rule that said: "Letters Q, X and Z can be positioned anywhere in the titles or author names. " and went with a book called Texas Gothic. =3

Sally Oh my goodness, the movie page looks SO PRETTY!!! *flails*

Hehe, go you! I'm going to try my hardest to limit it only to titles I think, rather than mixing and matching.

Btw Tuck Everlasting MADE ME SOB BUCKETS. It's so awesome, but just warning you... XD

message 9: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra Awwww! I'm glad you like it :D I wanted a background of sorts, but I was thinking it's not very readable now and also a bit busy. But I'm glad you liked it!
I think I've finished my page for the A-Z challenge.. it's here! But OMG my hands hurt now. XD Also I should've been doing homework but ehhh. Do you think I should add links to the books' Goodreads page? If yes, where? #shamelesslyaskingforhelp

The mixing and matching is what I found most fun. I had to leave books out when I was doing it title-only and it made me sad, so that's another reason on top of the one I already mentioned. Plus I had an author book for X damnit! /goodreasonokay

I've seen the movie, but I'm really curious about the book.. I guess you'll see if it made me cry too in the review. XD

Sally OMG PRETTIEST THING EVER!!! *squeals* And we have the same F lined up as well ;) Seriously, the page looks beautiful... I wanna make something like that one day :D Maybe link the covers? If you link the titles the underline of the letter might disappear or go wonky...

Impressed you have an X author! I'm also doing an Australian monthly book challenge (a J for January, an F for February etc) but that one I think I'm mixing and matching, authors and titles. (Also, it's awesome having six John Marsden books to read because there's January, March, May, June and July sorted... if I can stretch out the series that long!)

message 11: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra Isn't it just?! :D And high-five on the F, I had kind of expected that to happen ;) Also I can share the codes with you? :) I can quickly explain what you need to change exactly and you'd be good to go.

I had been thinking about making the covers links too. I'll look into it later tonight. :) When I'm satisfied I'll finally *really* throw the page online. :3

I found the X author in the topic of that community you mentioned. :D And oh, the Australian monthly book challenge sounds too cool! And it sounds like you're totally set with Mr. Marsden, haha! Also I think you will be able to wait in between books, after all you have so many you want to read.. :) And you know you'll come back to it eventually! The anticipation just adds to the fun, right?

Sally oh gosh that's so tempting!! but since I'm not pre-choosing most of my books and don't want to lock myself into any XD maybe it'd be best not to... not yet at least ;) once I'm home and have my Aussie books around me, I might make a post for the Aussie challenge... :D

message 13: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra I could make it a blank for you, and you could add books as you go along? You don't *have* to decide now, you know ;) It could be like an Advent's Calender of sorts. But for the Aussie challenge would be cool too. :D All up to you!

Sally Okay, I think I am tempted XD

message 15: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra I see that as a job well done. (A)

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