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Word of Honor by Tom Kirkbride
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Apr 09, 2011

did not like it
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By the by, if you're observant, you'll notice this book is the only thing on my 'what the fuck was this shit' shelf. THAT IS BECAUSE IT IS REALLY THAT BAD. SO BAD IT NEEDED A WHOLE NEW SHELF FOR ITS BADNESS. I AM NOT SHITTING YOU.

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Where do I even start? Seriously, where?

I guess I can relate to you the history of me and this horrible waste of paper.

A few years ago - two? three? - my local independent bookstore had an ARC review program. Read a book, send them a review, keep the book. Sweet deal, huh? Especially since I got The Palace of Illusions (OMFG LOVE SO MUCH) and The Commoner out of it.
And then I picked up this book. I think my thought process was basically "ooh, spaceships, cool!" and not much else.
I didn't start reading it for another half a year. Keep in mind that this means I've been technically trying to read this book for at least a year and a half. And I am not a slow reader. Really. Especially not of YA.
But this train wreck... I couldn't get into it. At all. My only motivation near the end was being so close to being done.

I don't know how to describe how bad this is. It's shitty science fiction. The writing is unfathomably poor. The characters are driven by plot, not the other way around. The token females are around for no good reason. (No, really, will someone tell me why Leucadia existed?) It's impossible to get a sense of what anything looks like. The heroes are pricks. Sexism is rampant and gag-inducing. Violence is random. The antagonists are cardboard cutouts. The plot is too rambling at some points and too fast at others. There's no denouement. In the last chapter the heroes (I'm not making this shit up) shoot the bad guys in their spaceships with a rifle while crouching on the outside hull of their ship.
I was wondering by a third of the way through if this had been self-published and yet I don't care enough to seriously try and find out. If it wasn't self-published, there is an editor out there who at the very least needs a serious dressing down.

If you're thinking about reading this one, may I suggest some decent science fiction for you? How about Ender's Game, Downbelow Station, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dune- hell, even On Basilisk Station, which is pretty light space opera, is superior to this. And of course, there's always Doctor Who.
I thought I'd seen the worst SF offering of our time in I Am Number Four. I was wrong.
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message 1: by Gavin (new)

Gavin I think this author is local to my area! I keep seeing their booth at Phoenix Comic Con. Thanks for the warning.

Kogiopsis That wouldn't surprise me given the setting of the book; and you are welcome.

message 3: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Saw the guy hawking these again at the national Star Trek con in Vegas this past weekend. I steered clear. Also he needs to hire a graphic designer or something, sheesh.

Kogiopsis or a thirteen year-old with access to Macromedia Fireworks on a school computer? I coulda done better at that age. What a terrible cover.

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