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Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis
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Nov 30, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011

My Synopsis:
It's been a year now since Chloe Traeger and her two half sisters, Maddie and Tara moved to the town of Lucky Harbor. The half sisters inherited an old beach inn from their late mother. In that year the sisters have worked together and renovated the beach inn and turned it into a bed and breakfast. Tara and Maddie handles most of the inn day to day things while Chloe helps around doing clean up duty and keeping watch of the inn since she is the only sister left still living on the property.

Chloe is the youngest of the sibling and is definitely the laid back, fun loving, free spirited and cracker jack of the three sisters. Chloe was the only sister who was raised by their late mother. She grew up living the nomadic lifestyle, being towed around from place to place, home-schooled in the back of a VW and took meals in soup kitchens with her mother. With her unorthodox childhood, Chloe has a hard time planting her butt in one place long enough to call it a home. She loves the life she leads, being able to come and go at will. When the sisters met each other year ago, Chloe was labeled the unreliable and wild child of the three. In that year though, Chloe has grown in her ways and is making and wanting changes in her life. She has been trying to prove to her siblings that she could play a more active role in running the B&B. She finds that her heart still loves traveling but she realizes that she now looks forward after every trip to going back to the town of Lucky Harbor. For once Chloe has family, friends and a home base to come back to. She loves that she and her sisters have grown close and become a family. She has grown maturity wise but is still a cracker jack and does impulsive things. That side of her that still likes to have fun and do daring things is drawn to the sheriff of the town, Sawyer Thompson who is the opposite of Chloe.

Sheriff Sawyer Thompson and Chloe have not mixed very well to say the least. While Chloe is implusive, Sawyer is straight-laced and serious. He upholds the law and is all about work, work and work. Sawyer was not always the responsible person he is today. Growing up Sawyer and a group of his friends use to run around causing all sorts of mischeif and mayhem. After one bad choice that killed his friends and put one of them in prison, Sawyer turns his life around and has been the model citizen of Lucky Harbor. The town of Lucky Harbor has embraced and loved Sawyer unlike his father. Sawyer's father still views and thinks of him as the bad kid from his youth. It's a working relationship that drives Sawyer crazy since his old man never wants his help.

Sawyer and Chloe are instantly at odds with each other and are relunctantly attracted when they met a year ago. Chloe's wild and implusive side often pits her against Sawyer the law upholder. Most of Chloe's stints are done for good, such as breaking into private property to rescue dogs being mistreated. Those kind of behavior drives Sawyer bonkers since Chloe takes it upon herself to do these things instead of letting the law handle these situations. Even though Sawyer doesn't want to be attracted to her he can see pass all her trouble and implusive making ways to see the kind hearted and fun person Chloe is. These two have avoided acknowledging the simmering something between them that's been building and it will all finally come head to head in this book.

My Thoughts:
Head Over Heels is the third book in the Lucky Harbor series. The book reads very well by itself but I definitely recommend you check out the previous two books to get a better understanding and appreciation for Chloe and Sawyer's story. Did this book live up to my expectations, yep definitely. Head Over Heels was filled with the laugh out loud humor, quirky but fun loving characters, sexy hero who leaves me wishing that he's real and a heroine that grabbed and held my attention just as much as the hero. Loved this book and loved this series! I don't know how Jill Shalvis does it every time but she knows how to give my little romance fanatic heart the best heroes. I fall for each and everyone all the time.

Chloe and Sawyer's story was the one I've been anticipating since the start of this series. You knew instantly when these two first meet that Chloe was going to drive Sawyer I've always loved and enjoyed Chloe's character. While her sisters were either the uptight one (Tara) or the shy mouse one (Maddie), Chloe was the sister that would crack jokes and was always the life of the party. I really love Chloe's character. She's implusive, wild in a quirky way and caring. She has such a big heart and big personality. She was the sister that I instantly connected with probably cause I'm the baby of the family and my family thinks I'm wild and impulsive as well! :) I enjoyed watching her character grow. She and Sawyer's relationship was a sexy simmer. I loved watching Sawyer fight and try to maintain any kind of composure around Chloe when she's at her silliness. These two feed off each others differences which makes them perfect for one another. Sawyers stoic and responsible side keeps Chloe grounded while Chloe's fun loving side allows Sawyer to every once in awhile play some. So many great moments from the mud bath up in the woods, outdoor shower scene, house painting in the fun way and to the moments where Chloe quietly comforts Sawyer. And Sawyer...seriously! I love this big guy. He is one big muscle of sexiness. He's protective of those around him and tries very hard to keep the town and all he loves safe. How can you not help but fall for him.

Not only do the lead couple shine but the town of Lucky Harbor and it's inhabitants shine as well. They add even more to this great story. Lucille the town gossip is still at it with her up to date Facebook posts constant news about the folks of Lucky Harbor. The storyline with Lance and Chloe is heartwarming. Lance is Chloe's sidekick and partner in crime in her escapades. Lance suffers from cystic fibrosis. It was great to see him get some happiness. It was also great catching up with the rest of the sisters and their men. Love seeing that Maddie and Jax can't keep their hands off one another and love hearing about Ford ( that man) and Tara.

This was another fantastic read from the wonderful Jill Shalvis. This lady writes some of the best contemporary romances in my opinion currently. She infuses her humor into every one of these pages. Head Over Heels will keep you reading late into the night leaving you tired in the morning but happy as hell that you read the book. Another hit for me. I highly recommend this series. I dare you to not fall in love with each character and the town of Lucky Harbor.
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