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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
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Feb 20, 08

First of all, this book was PG 13--which I didn't know when I purchased it. I couldn't relate with the characters. Next, and I probably should have mentioned this first--she takes her clothes off way too much. I understand why they got married, but why were they intimate? There was no relationship. She was a prostitue, then got married and was still in that frame of mine. I think the only redeeming quality is that it did not describe the sex ilicitly, except to mention that it happened. Thank you. Then, she had sex with her brother in law, while she was still married. Yuck! o.k, enough said--I would not recommend this book.
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Taylorcj This book portrays a picture of patience, unwavering love, and forgiveness. The nakedness of the main character is a symbol of vulnerability and depravity of her spiritual/emotional state. Read Hosea (in the Bible) and you'll see the story River's expounded from. She needed these elements to relate the depth of the divide.

Cait☮ agreed. She needed to use these patterns and situations to show the lack of relationship and to give evidence of how the main character viewed men at that time, also it was necessary to show the change of growth in Sarah. The nakedness showed her life in the truest fashion. Being cheated on isn't fun even if the relationship isn't great or even good for that matter, it strikes deep to the people that have felt it. Being on the hurt end of that stick isn't fun and it takes a very large amount of unconditional love, forgiveness and prayer to overcome that.

Shelia If you read the book of Hosea, the book follows it closely. While I agree it is "yuck" in many spots, it is also what God feels about our sin.

If you get past that and simply realize that God loves us even in the midst of our "yuck" and even we are so low that we CAN NOT love ourselves, he's still right there waiting. To hold us and show us a brand new day...His love is really amazing...

Sarita The yuck is what makes the book! We all are full of YUCK be it promiscuity, alcoholism, gossip, envy, greed, low self esteem, bitterness, lack of trust whatever your YUCK is...WE ALL have it, something that keeps us imperfect. The point of the BOOK is no matter what our failings are GOD STILL LOVES US and HE will place others in our lives who will love us too!

Shelia I just reread this book and every single time I just realize that my goodness your eally do love me in the midst of my "yuck" and I will forever be grateful for that fact...I know that no matter what I do and where I go, he's always there and early in our love, He would seek me out but now that I have come to truly know Him, he simply stands patiently and waits for me to return, head bowed and stand before Him...and he takes me back in His arms every time and loves me just the same...His Love is so amazing...His love is wonderful to...His love has set me free!

Sarita Praise God! His mercy and Grace sets us Free!

Shelia Amen and Amen!


Cydnie I guess that I am most confused by the statement, "I understand why they got married, but why were they intimate?". They were married! As difficult and heart-wrenching as parts of this book were to read, Angel's life-story has happened for centuries and happens around the world today. I felt that the main lesson - God loves each and every one of His children, whether we feel worthy or not, was beautifully portrayed.

Emily i thought this book was amazing

message 11: by Lana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lana hahahahahahahahahhahaha are you 12? are you so blind that all you saw was what you didn't want to see? what in life, that is real and raw, doesn't have "yuck" in it?

Rebecca This book is amazing and without the nudity it would take away from the entire book.

Rebecca I understand why you did not like or get anything from this book you said it at the beging of your review..."I couldnt relate to the characters" I may not be a prostitute but I know how it feels to be vulnarble and unloved so I will say I totally related to the charcters and have read this book many times!!

Jamie I agree Rebecca.. "i couldn't relate" got me too!
This was an amazing story filled with love and forgiveness and understanding. My husband, mother, step dad, several friends, aunt all read it and loved it. We are just everyday ordinary people.. however.. God used Francine Rivers to get to my soul in that book. You better believe it's a good one!

Mystique Sarita wrote: "The yuck is what makes the book! We all are full of YUCK be it promiscuity, alcoholism, gossip, envy, greed, low self esteem, bitterness, lack of trust whatever your YUCK is...WE ALL have it, somet..."


message 16: by Michelle (new)

Michelle spoiler alert much?!

Katie O'Farrell fantastic book, I couldn't rate something so low just because you couldn't "relate to the characters".
Praise God

Delaney What in the world? I hope your review was a joke... You've completely missed the point of the book!

Sarita Read the bible it is full of sexual relations. This novel is based on the Book of Hosea who married a prostitute. The story was about redeeming her from her perverse ways. A Christian is not a saint! They are not perfect. I read several "christian books" and they simply talk about people who are struggling with the way of the world and doing what is right. I love the Lord but I still sin however by his grace I am REDEEMED!!

message 20: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Carson Read the book of Hosea in the Bible. It will not only help you understand the content of the book, but also God's never ending love for his people... Even though we don't deserve it!

Hannah It seems to me that you are a bit young for this book, if you're saying its "PG-13", and by the uncomfortableness with the books subject. Read it again when you are a bit older, since it is written for people who are mature (older) and can handle/understand the book's characters, place, setting, and story/plot line

Rexine You missed the point of the book, perhaps you are not mature enough to understand its message. This speaks to all born again Christians, that we are forgiven already and god can cleanse us of whatever we have done if we only trust in him, love him and ask him.

message 23: by Ann (new)

Ann I found the book frustrating.

Paula Yea, that part was so gross. She should not have offered him that in payment for the ride. Also, I fail to see the purpose of having an 8 year old girl involved in a sexual encounter with an adult male. I understand the need to have us understand where Angel had been to get where she is going but an eight year old sold into prostitution is really gross. I loved the book otherwise.

Shelia Because often the hurts start young. It develops who we are. It helps you understand WHY she had the issues and where they stem from.

message 26: by Paula (last edited Jul 01, 2014 07:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Paula Shelia wrote: "Because often the hurts start young. It develops who we are. It helps you understand WHY she had the issues and where they stem from."

OK, but the author could have made that be part of Angel's story to Michael, not have the readers actually go through that image. I really liked that book and thought Michael's love was so beautiful. I sometimes lost my patience with Angel because she kept going back to that lifestyle, but I understand why the author have her leave the first 3 times, but not really getting why she left the last time. The situation with the brother-in-law was very wrong. That cannot be explained away so easily and one could say, that moment was God's test of Angel. They did have a relationship. Initially, a chaste one because of what Michael wanted to accomplish and later an intimate one. This story reminds be of Job where Michael is tested on the level of Job.

Shelia For me it's just another reminder on how we have seen how good God is. How loving He is. How He will love us just where we are. Ugly and all. Yet, we still walk away. We still lean to our own understanding and look for love in some other place. It would be great if we simply got it but we don't. At least I don't. I find myself daily carrying burdens that are not mine. I find myself trying to fix things that are not mine to fix. I turn from Him even though He's fixed it and proven himself time and time again. The story of Hosea and Gomer is not one of beauty in many instances...yet it shows clearly how Christ took on all our ugliness and loves us despite it.

Lacie Reinsch I definitely think you missed the point of the book since your review didn't mention anything about the beauty of God's unconditional love. He pursues us at all times, and He does not abandon us. He also calls us to show others God's love, at least to the best of our human ability, like Michael to Sarah.

Paula It took me a long time to finish this book, not because it was not a good book, but because it tears at the heart a lot and I was so upset with Angel because she was hurting the one person who loved her unconditionally. In the end, I was so proud of Angel and how she found her way. How she found God. It is a good book and I am glad I finished it.

Jackie I love how everyone adapted her "yuck" term lool. But I think you'll have to read the book again to understand why the author had to go that far..

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