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Kings of the Dead by Tony Faville
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So....here's another one you zombie lovers will want to sink your teeth into. It's another one that I read, loved, and ended up editing a re-release of.

It was good to start with, and even better now what with the editing (!) and the snazzy new cover art from a Permuted Press artist.

Here is the original version: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/74...

And my original review:

Read from April 27 to 28, 2010

I read this in a few hours. It was very good, had some different twists, and was well written, hence my four star review. I thouroughly enjoyed this addition to my growing zombie collection. I am also pleased to report that, though this was a self-published offering, there are barely any editing complaints I have, which is unusual, and though there were mistakes here and there, it was refreshingly well proofread.

I think the journal style has been done enough, that's my only real complaint about this particular book. Having the journal style with no dates, no page numbers and no general sense of the timing of events took away from the story for me. Because it is written in first person, we never hear anyone else's "voice", and there is somewhat of a disconnect at times.

The story covers over a 10 year span of time, but you don't really get a sense of that because of how it's written. And again, because of the journal style, there is not a true sense of character development, only players in a drama. So, timing and flow-wise, it was a little odd, because you never have a sense of immediacy or involvement.

I really liked that, though of course there are zombies and they are a threat, this group of survivors was not constantly on the run, always running from zombies, and had a chance to make a home several times. That was also refreshing.


I don't personally mind a spoiler here and there, but I know some folks get irate over them. :-) Moving along....

I didn't really understand the whole Tony*/American Hero/Smithsonian thing. To me, he was just doing what needed to be done, which does not necessarily a hero make.

The cannibals are a nice new element, as is the cause of the outbreak, the Swine Flu vaccine, which isn't really a spoiler because it's on PAGE 1. Mr. Faville did a well and believable job with his story arc, I just think it would have worked better NOT as a journal.

Will definitely be following this new author in this genre.

A few "UGH" moments.

These were the most well stocked survivors ever in the history of a zombie novel. Ever.

Er....what the hell happened to Goat?

Um, CUBA gave us refuge?????

Um, the PHONES still work?

*Man character is now named Cole instead of Tony.

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message 1: by Tony (new) - added it

Tony Faville You know, it was almost a year ago when you posted your first review. My oh my, what a year it has been.

See, if I had never replied to the questions you posted in your review, we would not likely have the relationship we do now.

Thanks for asking the questions. ;)

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