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The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson
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Apr 07, 2011

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Read from April 07 to 24, 2011

It was ok. Not so much from a hard SF standpoint. Most of the book was about a few immortals who "just don't die(easily)". They don't get sick, age(past ~25), and are "vigorous"(survive most wounds). It starts with a Phonecian guy sometime before the Roman Era. There is a Taoist "philosopher", who isn't anything special-other than a really old Chinese peasant. There's a Viking. There's a Japanese courtesan. A prostitute in Constantinople. A Native American. A Roman bureaucrat. An American slave. The book is about people who mostly aren't anything special. They just don't die and have to hide this. Most of them look for others like themselves, which is hard, considering they hide themselves.

Eventually, they find each other. Soon after, they are discovered by the world. Science is used to find WHY they are immortal, and everyone is made immortal. Everyone becomes introverted. The "Survivors" don't relate to the new generation, and want to explore. They go to a planet that is likely to have life. After that, it is more usual SF. Well done, but usual.

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