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Phantom by Susan Kay
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Apr 10, 11

Read from April 06 to 10, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This book was dark and fascinating. Erik's history is so interesting and he as a character is very well written. You can see why he is the way he is and why he does what he does. And while I felt that his immensely troubled life didn't excuse what he did, you certainly see why he does it. All Erik does through his life is struggle to find somewhere he belongs, both in the world and in himself. I enjoyed it immensely.

That is until the end. I think Ms. Kay would have done better had she left off before Phantom mixes into the Leroux/Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera. While I think her characterization of Christine is pretty good there are some spots that had be raising my eyebrows, and the further the end went the higher they got. The end just made me cringe. It's not that I don't want Erik to have a happy ending, but the ending he did have felt so contrived if to make up for his life the author wanted to give him everything he wanted. I just don't see Christine ever coming to sleep with Erik, even the way she was characterized in story. I also didn't like the resigned indifference she treated Raoul with. And her son being Erik's? Really? That just... no. Okay, well I might have been able to stomach it if she'd been able to have another child with Roaul but no she had to be emo about everything. Well it wasn't entirely her fault but I feel it reduces her character to just a simpering emo character who faints and swoons and misses and can't get over herself. Also, Christine looking EXACTLY like Madeline? Please! That is so cheap!

That being said, I do love this book and I would read it again and I would recommend it to others. I'd even recommend reading the end because it's not badly written it just feels like the story slid from legitimate novel to fanfiction. On the whole, though, I loved it and devoured it. The writing is smooth and somewhat in Leroux's style and you'll find yourself cheering for Erik while cringing all the while. (but in a good way)
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