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Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh
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I absolutely adored this book - I love Mercy and Riley - both of them are dominant types who learn to respect each other's strength and position in their packs. I would have given this five stars, but there's just one thing that bugs me - the fact that Riley is just slightly more dominant and the fact that Mercy has to be the one who should submit to Snow Dancer. I know it didn't happen in the book, but the implications that if someone had to submit, it would have been Mercy, didn't really sit well with me.

The subtle theme of male dominance over a female who is just as dominant isn't what I want to see in this series. To me, Mercy stands alone and can stand alone - I need that to be perfectly clear.

That aside, the book is another great addition to the series. I'm going through these books so quickly, I need to settle down before I can find the right words to say about the world and the people affecting it. I must say, though, that as much as I love these Changelings and their stories, the Psy and Humans are the ones who have my heart. I need more Psy-Changeling mixes.

More than that, I need a book full of fluffy cubs and pups. Just a book or half of Julian, Roman, Keenan, Ben, Noor, and the older kids like Toby and Jon to just walk around and play. I'd read it even though it's completely silly - those kids are too cute!
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message 1: by Vinaya (new)

Vinaya Don't worry! The next book (or the one after that, i'm not sure) has a dominant female (Indigo) and a less dominant male (Riley's brother whose name I have forgotten). :)

Sylvie Yeeees. You are totally correct - I love, absolutely loved Indigo/Drew. I LOVE NALINI SINGH, and one of these days, I'll stop loving you for introducing me to her <33333

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