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Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
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show me on the poppet where the mediocre book touched you.

oh jodi picoult, why can't you just be normal?


this novel was suggested to me by one of my students because we were about to begin "the crucible" and picoult clearly was inspired here. i have to say, after about 130 pages or so, the book really gains momentum and i read it very quickly. but damn. i mean, is it possible just once for jodi picoult to write a book that doesn't deal with sexual abuse/molestation/rape/incest??? please???

the most difficult parts, truth be told, had to do with addie's deceased daughter (i'm a mother of two baby girls and the even thought of losing one is just so devastating that i had to skim over many of those parts). the only think i liked about jack was his obsession with jeopardy - that i found totally relatable and human. everything else was like "woe is me; i'm hotter and smarter than brad pitt so all the teenage girls want me and accuse me falsely of sexing them up." his "gentleness" with addie sort of creeped me out, more than endeared him to me. the real stars here are roy and jordan. everyone else is vile, corrupt, or bland.

the worst part (and one that is clearly foreshadowed throughout the text) occurs at the very end when picoult gives us a brief explanation for gillian's terribleness. it was too little too late and felt more like sensationalism than sympathy for the devil.

still, for its use of miller's play and its readability, i give this one 3.5 stars. one of picoult's more engaging efforts.

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