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Eve by Anna Carey
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Apr 06, 2011

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Read from August 24 to 29, 2011

Eve has been on of my most anticipated novels for fall. As you may know I'm a huge fan of dystopian novels, could read them all the time, so I was super excited when I got the chance to read this. Unfortunately, Eve left me a little disappointed.

Eve lives in an almost barren world, most of the population decimated by a virus. She, along with other orphan girls, are lucky though; they live in a great school, learn about art and music and are told of the wonderful lives they'll pursue in the City once they graduate with all the knowledge they've abounded. And most of all, they're warned about men, and all their cruel tricks and mind games used to seduce women into loving them. But on the night before graduation, Eve finds out where the girls who've left the school really go, and what they're being used for. Horrified, she plans to escape.

Okay, so Eve had my attention in the introduction. These orphan girls are living in a school, getting a great education, great food, and great care. Then Eve spots her rival escaping the school grounds and is told about what they'll really be doing after they graduate. She's shaken, but later decides to swim struggle/half drown across the lake (she can't swim) to see for herself. Eve's been in this school her whole life. I don't see how the words of someone, her enemy no less, would be enough for her to challenge her whole belief system so easily and so quickly. I would've expected doubt at the least but she leaps into action far too quickly for me to realistically believe. For someone essentially pampered, directed, and in a way, brainwashed, her entire existence, I personally thought Eve got away fairly easily once she escaped the school, and maybe she should've had a harder time so she could have a chance to really look at herself and question her rash decision.

And then there's the issue with the men. Eve's been taught her whole life to fear them. They should be avoided like the plague. Now, if I were taught to fear/avoid something, I'd do so. If I saw a serial killer on the street, I wouldn't eye him warily and let him lure me closer with his kind words and then get into his car. Different scenario, same idea. I expected Eve to be extremely wary of Caleb when she first saw him, but if anything she was curious, noticing his shirtlessness and telling him he wanted to have intercourse with her (totally serious) since that's what men did. It was just totally strange. However, as they stayed around each other and learned more about the other and the lives they'd been leading, I really liked seeing the feelings that grew between them. It might've been pure proximity that drew them together, but for the most part it was really sweet.

Bottom Line
I did like Eve. The idea is scary and horrifying, and some situations Eve found herself in had me holding my breath as events played out. It also has romance that develops in an unlikely place, and shows humans at their worst and their best. I had a lot of questions about the history of the world and the events though, wanted to know more about what had happened in the 16 years since the virus. In the end, I wasn't a huge fan of the (cliffhanger) ending because it seemed like such an abrupt end to what had been building up. I'll probably be looking out for book #2 and hoping to get some more insight into what I've already learned.
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Petra (Safari Poet) Whoever added this version was going by how my pages it is on their downloaded Galley. I'm guessing you have a physical ARC. Change the edition if the version you have doesn't match :-)

Laura Ah I see my mistake. Fixed! Thanks!

Gwenyth Love I felt the same way...and the end really did not make me happy...

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