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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
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Apr 06, 2011

did not like it

Can Dan Brown become its own genre? At least then I would have a better grasp on how to rate his books. It's unfair to rate The Lost Symbol as literature....his writing is more akin to the Special Olympics form of literature. I've read and enjoyed both The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons. Honestly, this novel isn't even really good on the Dan Brown sliding scale.

Generously, I say that it was entertaining for 3/4 of the time. The last 1/4 was seriously not! The plot is initially promising: Langdon races against the clock to decipher a coded Masonic pyramid that reveals the hidden location of the Ancient Mysteries before a madman unleases a cataclysmic event upon the world. He's helped out by a presumably brilliant and capable female protaganist, Katherine Soloman. A lot of things happen to keep the pace up. The villian does villianous things. Cliffhangers are numerous. Civilization hangs in the balance and covert government operatives buzz Washington in a apparently invisible helicoptor (who knew?)!

The ultimate problem is that Langdon and Katherine, both scientists, are DUMB. DUMB AS ROCKS. I won't even get into each instance when I just rolled my eyes. Finally, the puzzle was silly and the solution was sillier. It couldn't have gotten any sillier if the Ancient Mysteries were ultimately shown to be the original recipe for New Coke. As far as Ancient Wisdom goes...I can leave it. And did.

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80.0% "The female lead, Katherine, is the dumbest woman I've ever been unfortunate enough to read about. BOO! However, that said, if you ignore her, the story is pretty entertaining. Not great, but entertaining."

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