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Night World, No. 3 by L.J. Smith
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Aug 18, 2011

really liked it
Read from August 15 to 17, 2011

** spoiler alert ** BOOK 7: Huntress
Tired of these books, I don’t know how else to express it. I’m sick and tired of L.J. Smith saying she folded in on herself (she’s done this in every single book, just say they fell to the ground instead for once), sick and tired of the main character being human (I really thought we were going to see how a vamp lived in this book since Jez was half-vampire, but she decided to go live as a human), sick and tired of just pretty much everything. I want to read something that makes me excited again, like Quinn and Rachel’s love. Now that love was beautiful, but this one was just eh. It wasn’t exciting, but it wasn’t completely boring.
I thought with this wild powers thing, it would get interesting, but I guessed the ending when I found out the main character was Jez. Then she keeps leading you around, trying to make you think that someone else is the wild power. At least her writing was good as usual, carefully writing things that would give you an idea of the ending. I guess the only thing I didn’t figure out for myself was why Claire kept clawing Jez to death, the blood thing, duh.
I guess I just left this book of the series really annoyed, I will of course, continue to read. Just two more books, since the last one STILL isn’t out. Also, I keep reading and L.J. Smith emphasizes the wrong word in sentences with italics. I don’t have time to look up a specific example. I want to finish the next book because I see that the ninth book’s main character is a shapeshifter, the first main character that’s a shifter! Yah!
I did have some good things I liked about this book. The concept of a half-vamp, half-human was a good idea. (Though I prefer how Heather Brewer did it in The Chronicles of Vlad Todd.) I also like the concept of Wild Powers and only being able to use them when the spill blood. I also like how the books are now having a real reason. The other seemed to be completely about Night Worlders falling in love with humans, and it was just to get the council to allow humans to know about the Night World. Now we know about the apocalypse and the need for Wild Powers to stop it to keep the humans in control. Because if the Vamps, Witches, Weres, or Shifters were in charge, we couldn’t guarantee humans would live. So now it is all starting to tie up. So I’m going to be forgiving with my final rating, because like the last, it was needed to get more information in it, and to introduce the first Wild Power. So next, Black Dawn.

RATING: 3/5 Stars

BOOK 8: Black Dawn
So, after much disappointment in the last book, I am TOTALLY loving the second book of the third volume. It’s not so much the relationship between Delos and Maggie, but in fact the story itself. Yeah, the relationships are getting dry in this series, and that is why I was disappointed in the last book. Plus, Jez not using her abilities, but whatever. I was really happy with this book.
Maggie is awakened to find out her brother just died and his girlfriend is at the house pretending to be upset. Maggie can tell the girlfriend, Sylvia, is lying and decides to follow her. She winds up at the girls apartment where Sylvia knocks her unconscious with a spell then ships her off to be a human slave to vampires. Along the way, she meets three other slaves, one of which is blind and sick. And from there, it’s all downhill. This book was exciting from beginning to end, story wise, not relationship wise. I loved the fact of being a slave escaping and helping the other slaves escape. The exotic animals for hunting and eating, and the secret old world in the middle of the new age world. It was all very interesting, I just wish the relationship would have been better, which is really what this whole book is about, so disappointing in that feature.
Once again, L.J. Smith plans out the storyline well, giving slight clues to the end of the story. Plus slight hints as to what has happened to Maggie’s brother. Though I did find it annoying that Maggie wasn’t bothered by Delos saying he killed her brother. She just AUTOMATICALLY believes that he didn’t really do it, he was lying. She doesn’t even consider he’s dead until one of the other slaves mentions it. It just really annoys me at times. But still, it was well planned out.
So when rating this I’m iffy, just because this was mainly supposed to be a love story, but now it seems to be turning to be mainly about the wild powers themselves instead of love stories. Either way, the love part is still supposed to be a large part of it. Still, I really enjoyed this, and finished in one day, unlike the first that took me about 2 and ½ days. So, I’m going along more of the lines of how this story caught me, rather than the not-so-great relationship. Not to mention I’m having trouble remembering Delos’s name or even Maggie’s. I think after reading so many of these, I can’t keep names straight.
One more thing, I’m finding a lack of explanation in these books. We still haven’t figured out how werewolves and shapeshifters came about, how one becomes a werewolf or shapeshifter, or pretty much anything about them. So, I’m depending on the next story to give me information, since the main character Keller is a shapeshifter. And don’t tell me that’s a spoiler, it’s on the back of the cover.
RATING: 3.5/5 Stars

BOOK 9: Witchlight
Okay, I really loved this book the most of this volume because (1) This is the first book where the main character isn’t human, but a kick butt shapeshifter and (2) Fight scenes. I finally got an explanation of Shapeshifters in the past, which I am really glad for. But it still didn’t explain how humans could become shapeshifters, and when is it going to be the other way around in the story, the guy a human and the girl a creature, that’d be an interesting twist. My favorite part was the Dragon, I loved him, he made a great enemy. Which also allowed the final battle to be drawn out longer than the other Wild Powers’ final battles. Instead of, poof, you’re dead because of my Wild Power, Keller was chasing after the dragon, coming down on it from the tree, ripping off horns, and so on. I do wish there would have been more of a fight once he transformed, but they didn’t stand a chance with the Dragon’s ability and his horns. But since he had 5 horns, I was hoping he’d be a lot harder to take on.

Finally, how could Keller make Galen chose a leopard form. At the end of the book it says he decided on a leopard because of her and he gave up flying? Why? A panther and a bird can’t be together? That was just confusing, and kind of mean on Keller’s part. If Galen chose to be a leopard because he wanted to become stronger, it would be different, but it wasn’t really explained. Plus the ending was kind of too perfect. The shapeshifters and witches all just agree to a blood exchange. I understand the witches because of the witch child thing, but not really the shapeshifters and this was made in the first place because of them? Hmm, just really too perfect of an ending.

Overall, this book was well written out, and planned out well. I loved the characters, and I loved the villain (I’m a sucker for dragons). It was a good love story and overall story this time. I loved Galen and Keller.

RATING: 4/5 Stars

Below are negatives of all the books, not just one book, so don’t get completely negative on this book:
(I thought I would do an overall review on the final book, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming out, it’s already been 15 years.)

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