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The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
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Mar 20, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult
Read in January, 2008

** spoiler alert ** The book is about a group of 6 kids who are pretty normal except they are 98% human and 2% bird! They have wings, can fly, and also posses super-human talents. They were created at a place called the “School”. They lived there as experiments until Jeb, a human scientist set them free. Each member of this group has been created with super-human abilities like great speed, strength, physic powers, and flight.
Angel, the youngest who is telepathic and can breathe underwater, is kidnapped by Erasers. Erasers are part human and part wolf and were also created at the School. The head of the Erasers is a kid name Ari. Max sets off to save Angel and on the way she see a girl getting bullied so she goes to help her and ends up getting shot in her wing. The girl, Ella, convinces Max to come home with her and she does. Ella’s mom, Dr. Martinez helps Max and takes her to hospital to get help. There they discover that Max has a tracer in her arm that cannot be removed.
When Max meets up with the rest of the flock they start to travel to the school again and end up getting attacked by the Erasers. The erasers kidnap all of them except but Iggy and Gazzy. Max is brought back to the school and finds Jeb there where he discovers he was created to save the world. Finally Iggy and Gazzy show up with a flock of hawks and escape from the school. They discover another place called the Institute that knows about the flock and that they might have parents. Max begins to get very sick and has head pains. She can’t move, talk nor walk.
Again the Erasers show up and Jeb is there. He tells Max that she needs to save the world and demands all the Erasers to leave. Max goes into the Institute and discovers that everyone of the Flock has a real name, parents. He prints out the list and realizes everyone lived near Washington, D.C.. They decide to head to D.C. but Ari tries to stop them. Max and Ari fight and then they hear a crack. Ari has broken his neck and dies. Jeb yells to Max, “you killed your own brother!”
The Flock finally heads to D.C. and takes a dog from the institute, Total, with them.

Strengths (including reviews and awards):
James Patterson is an amazing author who was recently named “The Mand Who Can’t Miss” by Times Magazine.
He was the creator of the #1 new detective series of the past 5 years
Maximum Ride series spent 20 weeks on the New York Timess best sellers lists and 14 of them were at #1.

The main character is a girl who is powerful & strong, and it’s a horror & science fiction book which can help get girls involved!

Drawbacks or other cautions:
It seemed a little too impossible the way the characters super-human talents showed up right when they needed them. There was a lot going on throughout the book and then the ending ended very abruptly. I didn’t like the ending at all… but I’ll have to read the next series.
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Eryn Your sort of off on some parts, but I read the series and LOVED it. Awesome book!

Brooke Elen You gave everything away

Emily U don't have too tell the whole story
Jk hahahah

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