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Nov 11, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended for: Everyone
Read from November 04 to 05, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Jeri did a tremendous job with this. The way she handled Zach's pov was perfect. It was intimate and brilliant. Excellent.

Merged review:

I have a really dramatic statement to make. I know, you're shocked, right? But honestly, I think Jeri Smith-Ready may kill me one of these days. Seriously. Her books completely break me down and leave me red-faced, bleary-eyed, and yet, oddly happy.

I loved, LOVED book one of the series, SHADE. One of my favorite books, ever. So, when I started to read SHIFT, I realized I left my book at home. My home was twelve hours away! It was too late to go to a bookstore, so I did what any book hungry girl would do and bought it off of iBooks. Thank the good Lord for technology because, let me tell you, I needed that book and I needed it yesterday!

I am so, so happy that I took that I let my impatient nature take over. SHIFT could not wait. Nuh uh. The book literally continues at the exact moment SHADE ended and takes off running. Aura, the possible catalyst for the shift phenomenon, is still torn by her love for what she had, Logan, and what may come, Zach. Can she let Logan go? I don't know that I could. Can she grab her chance at a future with Zach? I hope so. See? I just made two contradictory statements. That's the beauty of this series. There is no black and white in this world. Anything, ANYTHING is possible.

Now for the most important, debatable subjects of the series, Logan and Zach. Those two make me crazy and sometimes I want to bitch-slap them for the craptastic moves they pull on Aura. But, here's the thing. They are teenage boys. They make stupid, impulsive decisions just like any teenage boys. Sometimes they are ruled by hormones, sometimes they're just idiots. That is the beauty of Logan and Zach. They are bonehead teenage boys sometimes, and you love them anyway. And occasionally, those two make a beautiful gesture or decision that will take your breath away. For the record, I'm still Team ShadeBoys. You can't force me into choosing a team. YOU CAN'T!

Here's the point, I guess. One of the girls from Fictish Delish (I hardly ever know if it's Amy or Jen, but they're both awesome!) asked me how I felt after reading SHIFT. I wanted to say what I really felt, but was afraid I would creep someone the heck out. But I thought, "These people get it." So I said what I really felt and I'm quoting: "I LOVED IT! I want to cut open my chest, put these books inside and carry them around with me. I'm weird that way." To which she said, "See, to us that just doesn't seem weird. Doesn't everyone want to do that?" So, are we weird for being this passionate about this series? Maybe. Do the books (and author) deserve that kind of passion for writing books that rock our world? Definitely.

Just a warning, I may not survive SHINE. For real.

Favorite Quote ~
I started looking over the quotes I bookmarked, and of course I couldn't choose just one. I also started crying, of course. And I know I say that I'm Team ShadeBoys, but all my quotes are about Logan. Hmm...

"Just be here. Tonight, tomorrow night, whenever you need a quiet place to rest."

"I thought of what Logan and I had shared last fall, and the way his face had looked tonight onstage, as a ghost and as a human. Some of the best days of his life were after his death."
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Quotes Andrea Liked

Jeri Smith-Ready
“I guess you gotta try the rest before you settle down with the best.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“I can't forget you, any more than I can forget my own name." He kissed me then, and the world which no longer mattered, completely fell away.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“I’ve been writing more songs in my head,” he said, “about being a ghost and a shade.” His face turned smooth and solemn. “How I’d die all over again just to touch you.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“Don’t move,” he breathed, softer than ever. Logan slowly wrapped his fingers around my hand.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“The hand touched my cheek again. It wasn’t soft and cool like Gina’s. It was warm, with calloused fingertips like those of….
….a guitar player.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“My heart pounded when its counterpart thumped beneath his skin. “How?”

“I don’t care,” he said, and kissed me.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“He smiled at me. “Have a good time.”

“Thank you.” The music was definitely working, I thought as I started to shut the door.

“Don’t get laid,” he added.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“I love you, Aura," Logan whispered. "Body or not, as long as I'm in this world, I want to be with you.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

Jeri Smith-Ready
“I love you all, so much more than you should ever love me.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shift

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27.0% "Feeling more & more love for Zach."
11/05/2011 page 125
34.0% "Zach is so Effing sweet!"
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52.0% "I'm going to KILL Zach!"
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79.0% "I'm finally at the river!!"

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Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) Agreed. I admit, I swooned all over again. :D Can't wait to dig into Shine! As soon as I've finished Masque...that's what I'm promising myself, anyway. LOL.

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