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Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
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Apr 04, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance, read-in-2011
Read from April 13 to 15, 2011

I *KNEW* this was going to be my favorite book in this series! I haven't read the rest but I'm pretty sure my favorite character will be featured in my favorite book :-D Z/Zsadist is all hard, all jerk, all bad boy, and addictive! I love that he has a scar on his face, love the tattoos, and his roughness... ::sigh:: and I thought it was a genius move to make him sexually influent? it gave him a softer element to him that was just nice to see, and you don't find that often. The background of his story was heart breaking, and getting to witness his inner battles, struggles, changes, insecurities... it had me choking up sometimes! And the roller coaster ride of "will they, won't they" drove me NUTS! (I guess in a good way lol) I found myself nearly SCREAMING "JUST GET IT ON AND GET TOGETHER YOU IDIOTS!" lol Aside form his story, I found the juxtoposition of John and Tor's story just... wonderful yet and yet sooo sooo sad. John, with his inocence and big heart, big emotions... and then Tor, who openly loves his wife (and unborn) and will do anything to keep them... against Z's horrific past, ugly present, near sociopathic in his emotions, and fear of loving Bella. The story involving Bella's kidnapper was just... insane! those Lessers are just... wow lol. This book is simply... a favorite :)

Final Notes:

The hero - pretty much everything I love in a bad boy :) and more..

The heroine - Out of the 3 previous, definitely the best so far. Even though the plot starts with her, I'd say a much more defined arc is given to Z and John. But she's not annoying :) she can hold her own, and she handles Z as best she can

The Plot - The stuff with Mr O was just... I had no clue what was going to happen and when, and it was all around a thrill ride and shocker! The Ups and Downs with Bella and Z had me in serious fits!

The sex - Z's inexperience was endearing :) their first time was a little heartbreaking at the end, as far as his need for pain. I'm not knocking pain (how could I? my favorite type of hero would never be into vanilla lol) but just the habitual fear he had of letting his guard down, and his inability to keep his past locked down, especially in those moments... J.R did a great job of giving us a character against the norm- usually it's the heroine thats sexually inexperienced, "virginal", or sexully abused. this was a nice change- and she handled it extremely well, even shedding light and the darker side of sex when there's terrible terrible skeletons in that particular closet.

The end - usually I have a problem with bad guys turning into whiny sissy mary poo's, but in this case, Z's positive change was very appropriate (and I'd NEVER call him a whiny sissy mary poo lol). She gives a glimpse of what he was like before he was enslaved, and what he might have been like if he'd stayed with his family by shedding more light on his twin's character... and the title- lover "awakened"... but his darker side is still there :) The ending with Tor.... had me near tears. What Z's twin did to keep from the meeting... had my heart in my stomach, and then at near the very end... when Jon's knock saves his life, AHH! Another moment! It's hard to say where the ending begins in this because the ride keeps going and going until the very end.. but it doesn't seem abrupt, or cut short- there's the perfect amount of "umph" that continues until the last word.


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