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Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead
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Apr 04, 2011

My interest in this period of history continues. The Byzantine Empire. (It is odd that I still do not recall this being mentioned in school.) The story was excellent in some ways, but the hero was a monk and thus kind of a bitch. Who does that? Shaves a little circle on top of his head and lives with a bunch of other men eating gruel. Even allowing for a different culture and time this is warped, and not to my taste. The constant ruminations and dreams he had about god were tiresome, and I started to skip them. Gladly, those parts were set off in their own mini-chapters and were easy to spot. He was pretty cool for a while in the middle when he went on a rampage of vengeance with the Vikings. In fact, that was the best thing about the book, the Vikings. I think otherwise I'd not have finished it. They were colorful and funny characters.

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