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Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty
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Sep 01, 2011

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bookshelves: read-2011, contemporary-read
Read from August 12 to 25, 2011

In this second book we get to follow Jessica Darling as a senior in Pineville High School. The book takes place in a year - from July to June. Hope (her best friend) is still gone and now she doesn't hang out with the Clueless Crew, except for Bridget. And Mr. Marcus is so not talking to her anymore. Add to that that her grandma Gladdie is back in their lifes and that her sister, Bethany is pregnant and that she has to choose what college to go to; poor Jessica is all over the place.

I was super excited to get into this one after I finished Sloppy Firsts and sadly, I have to say this one wasn't as great. It wasn't all bad but I found myself bored during the middle of the book and I just wanted to finish it.

It was cool to see that the author still kept her characters "in character". Jessica isn't a boring person and along with her friends, they make the book entertaining. But it started good and then it went "blah" and then, in the final chapters, it went, "bam, bam, bam"; so fast.

A major part of why I didn't like this book as much was because Marcus wasn't really involved like he was in the first one. He was kind of in the shadows and keeping to the sides. Jessica still kept drooling over him, which was great but I wanted her to be stronger, at least pretend that she wasn't dying when she was in front of him.

In this book we get to meet new characters and actually see older ones, which was awesome. I was really surprised with Bridget; she rocked in this sequel. We got to see more of her and also Pepe, and he's such an unique guy; one that you want to hang out with because he makes everything fun.

The author also covers the events of September/11 and how it affects not only Jessica but her family and her decisions to which college to apply to.

But Pineville has a new drama going on because someone is spreading rumors via e-mail about some students and causing trouble and drama and all that good stuff between the students. You want to keep reading because you have an idea of who it is and you want to know if you're right.
There's also two guys interested in Jessica this year and she may be interested in one of them. And is not Marcus.

Say what?! Yes, yes. You read that right.

One thing I didn't get was that if Jessica was supposed to be so smart, how come we never saw her studying or stuff like that? Correct me if I'm wrong, but she even mentions that she doesn't even take her school books home. That was just weird.

I had a good time reading this book, but not as much fun as I was reading Sloppy Firsts. But this book still has a humor and crazy stuff happening which will keep you flipping the pages. The ending makes up for all the other chapters and there's some surprises! I will keep reading the series!

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