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Spirit Dances by C.E. Murphy
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Apr 04, 2011

really liked it
Read on April 03, 2011

** spoiler alert ** After spending the weekend reaquainting myself with the Walker Files, I spent the evening reading Spirit Dances.

It is times like this that I wish I hadn't purchased the e-book for my Nook. It is so unsatisfying that the most I could do was slam the cover to my e-book (ever so lightly of course) when I finished this book. I wish I had a nice solid book...SO I COULD THROW IT UP AGAINST THE WALL!!!

Sorry, I get violent when I don't get my way. Anyway, I guess I should review the whole book, not just the last eight pages, right?

The story line was great. Joanie experiences a lot of emotional growth, and I am so so glad that she is over the whole poor-me-it-is-all-my-fault crap that was getting really tired. I'm also really glad that Murphy put her in a true to real life cop situation hat was the catalyst for her change, instead of another bit of magic shenanigans. We also really get to see how her magic responds to her actions, and vice-versa. Coyote plays a small role, and I don't think I like him here very much. However, he is hot as hell, so we need to keep him around for a while. He is also sweet and well-meaning, but doesn't really seem to have any true life experience, and is pretty judgemental. It'll never work, but Murphy can totally send him my way, and I'll take care of his poor, poor, broken heart, which Jo doesn't seem to realize she is mistreating.

Where the hell was Gary? I missed the old coot!

I loved the dance troupe and all the shape shifting antics, loved Billy and Mel, and loved the interaction with the spirit guides.

I disliked the werewolf/power stealer; I hope we get more clarification on that in the next book, because I felt the explanation was rushed and I didn't really get why she was stealing power in the first place.

Now, to the reason I had an urge to throw my book against the wall...

WHAT THE F##K, MURPHY?? We finally get a date, some chance of resolution, and then you totally F##K us at the end with that GD cliffhanger??? Really? I LOVED the freaking book, right up until the end. I held my breath from "Well, thank goddamned God" all the way past "shit, captain, it's always been you. Didn't you know that?" until I realized that there was only 2 more pages of the book, and I wasn't going to get any Morrison/Walker nookie. I managed to finish off the last 2 pages without any violence, barely. Therefore, had it been an actual book, it would have gone through the wall. Lord knows how long we are gonna have to wait for some good lovin' between those two. Jeez.
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