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Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin
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Jul 22, 11

bookshelves: pure-fantasy, young-adult
Read from July 17 to 22, 2011

This was enjoyable, in a light-snack-rather-than-a-meal kind of way. I am not sure if it is billed as "young adult" but it felt very much that way to me. It's been awhile since I read a purely fantasy novel, but it's always been a genre that I enjoy, and there was some decent but not terribly original worldbuilding in this one. Generally it's pretty standard, you have humans, elves, and goblins (who look like elves but are more nocturnal). All types of people are magic-wielders. Mostly folks are slinging swords and daggers, but there was one incongruous mention of guns.

Raine Benares is a young elven sorceress of middling talent who works as a seeker - finding things, both legally and not so much. She has a large group of friends and allies she hangs out with, who help her along on her various adventures. The plot of the story is, she comes upon a magic object that attaches itself to her, and becomes very popular very quickly with all the wrong types of people who want to get said object. In the course of ridding herself of these threats, she learns more about her heritage and flirts alot with all her male compatriots.

The book is a first person narrative, and Raine's voice is very much that of a young girl posturing as a woman. There is so much of a "tone" to the humorous asides, it often felt pretentious to me. A few of them were indeed funny, but I think in this case a light sprinkling of sarcastic commentary in the narrative would have been more effective than the liberal dose this book had. Then, we come to the characters... everyone is pretty much exactly what they seem. No one has unsuspected motivations. Everyone who Raine thinks is trustworthy... is. Yes she is being pursued by all these big baddies, but she has ample good-looking allies to keep her safe and comfortable. It's enjoyable to witness Raine winning the battles and flirting with everyone, but not very challenging or memorable.

So all in all, the book was not very original, surprising, or mature. But it was a nice little light read.

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