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The Lost Saint by Bree Despain
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Apr 04, 2011

it was amazing
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Bree Despain spins a tale here that I know many will try to compare to Twilight, with all the teenage paranormalcy, however, I would adamantly disagree with them. From what I've read of young adult paranormal novels, The Dark Divine and The Lost Saint stand out. Yeah there's the teenagers who have their dark secrets, and we can't forget the love story - but I was surprisingly refreshed by Ms. Despain.

It's all about the characters and the plot. The complex relationships and twists between the characters in this series is what makes it so good in my eyes. Grace, the heroine and main character, grows and changes drastically throughout this series, and her relationship with Daniel is turbulent and steady simultaneously. Their roles reverse in the middle of the story, making it more interesting to see how they handle these changes within themselves together. I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that Grace isn't the little girl who sits back and waits to be saved as in many of these kinds of novels, and Daniel isn't overbearing and the epitome of 'god-like-strength.' Their relationship is the central interaction, but Grace's bonds with other characters contribute to the depth and revelations in this saga. (Side note: it's not all about the mushy-gushy love between her and Daniel - Grace has other things going on in her life)

And the plot. It got to the point where I questioned just about everything and everyone. I couldn't figure out or foretell who did what or who Grace could trust anymore, but in the end, it all panned out nicely in a way that made a whole lot of sense. (I don't mean to say 'the end' because these are only the first two books in the series.) Everything is intertwined, so I really can't say anymore about it without completely giving the whole story away.

I think my favorite connection in this book is in regards to religion. Despain ties the ancient legend in this book to God, but free will comes in to play - as it should - and it doesn't exactly stick to the plan, resulting in those who were originally blessed to be cursed. In addition to that, Grace is the pastor's daughter and her faith is what always comes to the rescue, whether she is trying to save someone else or herself. The association with God brings the story and the legend around which it revolves to a deeper level.

Overall, these were very enjoyable - and exciting - reads. If you like these kind of books, but are looking for something a little less predictable than what young adult novels are turning out to be, try this one.

The next in the series is declared to be released in December of 2011 - title and cover pending for now.

Happy Reading Everyone :)


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Bree Despain
“If you let anger into your heart, it will push out your ability to love.”
Bree Despain, The Lost Saint

Bree Despain
“disappointment is a sense of loss for something you never had”
Bree Despain, The Lost Saint

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