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Apr 03, 2011

did not like it
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Dear Ms. Kate

I. Don't. Like. Fallen.

I don't like this series; i don't like the characters, the development of the story, the secret life of Lucinda Price, the archangels, mainly all the angels from your story, the Outcasts, the heavenly never-ending war between good and bad.

I just don't like your piece of shit story.

However, i do keep reading this series. Why? Because i have a need for badly written, made-by-brainless-authors YA-fiction and stupid non-feminists.

Therefor, this will not be a happy rating. Deal with it!
I will get straight to the point, starting with the things that bothered me most:

Why won't you tell us about Lucindas past. What on earth could be so dramatically that Daniel simply can't tell without Lucinda busting into flames?

Also, excuse me my language, but fuck Daniel. Having constipation is more interesting than reading about his life and feelings and wanting to protect his Luce from eternal danger. This gets old. Quick!

Seriously, Kate, give us some feministic domination here. Why does so many authors underestimate the power of a good, butt-kicking heroine?

Why does Lucinda has to be kept safe all the time. Why is Daniel overprotective? No, heaven forbid that anything should happen to Lucinda arrogant-bitch Price, because they have crossed paths since forever, and since she has used up your quota of rebirths, things seem kinda black.

Lucinda is an annoying part of the books. No wait, she is the most annoying thing in the books. Her arrogance and self indulgence is raw annoying. She meet her roommate, Shelby, in chapter two, and after eight minutes in her company, she could conclude that she 'seemed annoying'. Just because she wasn't a member of the Lucinda Price fanclub.

The bad mythology is but one thing of the list. Where did you do your research, Kate? Come on, you can do better!

Some things in the book bothered me

First things first: Lucinda Price's meeting with Cam at Noyo Point. The whole part was a joke. She said she'd falled for his lies too many times. WHUUUT? When did Cam ever lie to you? Yeah, he didn't tell you he was an angel, but do you know what? DANIEL DIDN'T EITHER.

Oh, now we're at Daniel part.
"Daniel doesn't think that" Luce would wish she could have said that she didn't thought it, but she wasn't sure if that was what she was feeling.

... maybe Daniel had talk to her like that once, but she was sure that she'd never tolerated it
No, definitely not, you hypocritical piece of bad heroine.

Another thing that bothered me was; Why the heck is Lucinda Price famous at Shoreline?

That's like taking an old, moldy pie, and add a smelly cup of milk; It's just gross, and definitely not something, somebody would like to have.

So this makes me wonder; Why did you serve that pie for your readers? Do you hate them?
Making Luce famous on Shoreline was a bad trick. Making everybody confident with the Luce/Daniel relationship was even worse. Why did you try to make Luce a celebrity?
Cause by doing that, you have made your 'heroine' act even worse!

Congratulations; You must be proud!

Oh, and Kate?

Before i tear this book apart, i just wanna tell you something;

In the heavenly eternal fight between good and evil, only two sites are available. That means you can't tell us that the Outcast were something in-between . THAT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE.


I think i know why this book is called Torment - because it was tormenting to finish this.
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message 1: by Rileigh (new) - added it

Rileigh Morgan can i date Cam??? he sounds totally hot and dangerous, but then so does Daniel

message 2: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose You can have'em both!

message 3: by Rileigh (new) - added it

Rileigh Morgan lol, nvm, cam is a lil creepy now that i just finished the book. (:

message 4: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose They're both crazy if you ask me!

message 5: by Deanne (new)

Deanne Tester-albery Just cause u don't like the doesn't mean you have to bag it out lots of other people really like this series including me if u do t like it then stop reading it

message 6: by Rose (last edited Jan 04, 2012 09:17AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose This is a review, where i objectively tell my opinion about this series. You don't have to read my review, if you don't like it.

message 7: by Hina (new)

Hina Deanne wrote: "Just cause u don't like the doesn't mean you have to bag it out lots of other people really like this series including me if u do t like it then stop reading it"

Just because Rose doesn't like this book, she doesn't have to keep quite about it. She put a one star on it for a reason, which meant that she didn't like it. You didn't have to seek it out and comment on what she should and shouldn't do. What if you wrote a five star review for this book and Rose decided to say why she hated it and didn't want anyone to read it? You wouldn't like it would you?

message 8: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Hina wrote: "Deanne wrote: "Just cause u don't like the doesn't mean you have to bag it out lots of other people really like this series including me if u do t like it then stop reading it"

Just because Rose d..."

Heard, heard :)

message 9: by Litera (new)

Litera That was a hilarious review. I definitely won't be reading this book now, so props for forcing yourself through it.

And Deanne, go write your own review instead of moaning about how you 'rlly lyke dis buk'.

message 10: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose One thing, Litera. I love you ;).

Glad you liked it! It's one of my reviews that i'm most proud of.

message 11: by Litera (new)

Litera Haha! Exquisite. It's a cracker of a review. Anyone that can mercilessly mock an awful book like is made of gold dust.

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah agreed!

message 13: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Thanks everybody :)

Lindsay in agreement with alot of this :)

message 15: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Thank you Lindsay :)

Chrisitna Busch I rely like this series. You don't have to be so mean to Luaren Kate! would you like her to write how you can't write a frieking review, lighten up and go read something else!

message 17: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Well, first of all, i would love Lauren Kate to reply to my review. In fact, it would be hilarious. I think (or hope) that Lauren kate is adult enough to read my review and my opinion and reply positive and without childish behavior. I would love Lauren Kate to because there are many others, like he, who has been disappointed with this series.

I don't have to defend my review to you, or Lauren Kate or anyone. This is my opinion about a book, that i do not like at all.

I don't have to "lighten up and go read someting else" just because you "rely like this series". This is my review, therfore my opinion. You don't have to comment nor read my review if you don't like it.

If you really like this book, you should write your own review. I would love to read your opinion about this series, and listen to your arguments, even if it's the opposite of mine.

Chrisitna Busch Oh I'm so sorry if you took that the wrong way I was really upset at the time. I shouldn't of even commented on this. I can't believe I was foolish enough to even get mad. My apologies. You like your kind of books, while I will like my kind. So sorry for taking your time.

message 19: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose That's fine, you don't have to apologize :).

message 20: by Valinor (new)

Valinor God did this review make me laugh. I agree with everything that has been said and then some. Honestly, the state of YA fiction these days. Gosh. haha

message 21: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose True Shakira! People these days .... geese, some things are best unpublished -.-

message 22: by Valinor (new)

Valinor Hear Hear! haha. Unpublished and unwritten!

Madeleine *eye roll* you know what i love? when peiple shut up and keep their opinions to themselves it saves the haters from loads of hate comments that come with their reviews and the lovers s*** about how the shouldn't love the book. Seriously people. So Rose hated the book. Woopdy do for her. Now go read it and make your opinion. God.

Kagome*Chocolate*Lover I know how you feel. I loathed the first book and was only able to get past half of it. The problem was when I first got this series I was in a reading frenzy and bought as many books as I could. Now i have the whole series and my mom is forcing me to read it. -_-.

message 25: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Thanks Aselya ;)

Agnetha06 hahaha.. i totally agree.. it really was a torment to read her books.. ugh!

message 27: by Roxy (new)

Roxy Naranjo OMG this was funny! I so agree with the irritation this books brings. I can't understand how is the hell Daniel protects Luce, life after live, when every time they meet...she freaking goes and catches on hell fire!

message 28: by Roxy (new)

Roxy Naranjo Another thing...what the heck does Daniel do during the whole 18 day truce? No mention of what he's really doing...I mean why is it Cam that saves her at least 2 times and Arianne, but him none, zip, he only comes and gets a little action here and there...what the heck. What could he be doing...

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

wow.... that was harsh and a bit mean. :(

Sarah uh . . .

message 31: by Louise (new)

Louise Bathgate Don't read it then. simple. Why waste your time writing all the drivel? Just find a book you like.

K'Elle Thorsten I can't stop laughing!!!!! Tears streaming down my face. I couldn't have said it better!!!!

Lexie @Louise Bathgate
I could not have said it any better if you don't like the first one that much why would you read the second one

Sakina Your review hit bull's eye. The series suck. I couldn't even get half way through the second book and I dragged myself through first. Amazing review :)

Chantel Cardoso "I think i know why this book is called Torment - because it was tormenting to finish this" I couldn't agree more.

Frosted Butterfly It seemed like luaren took that idea from Harry Potter. Yes J.K Rowling did make that up.

Lorelei Yes, my feelings exactly! Selfish, obnoxious ridiculous characters with no redeeming qualities. Torment was an awful book.

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