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Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey
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Apr 04, 2011

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Oscar and Lucinda was constructed like a house of cards: slowly and carefully. Just when the house of cards had reached near perfection, Peter Carey gave what I perceived to be a malicious smile, and started to deconstruct his creation. I could only sit dumbly as he started pulling cards off the top. Then after a while of that, he unemotionally took a deep breath and... blew the whole thing over; leaving me in the midst of the ruins, unable to close my gaping mouth.
I knew it ended unhappily beforehand - I knew it! But that still did not fully prepare me for the end which made me groan aloud. I actually had to re-read the last four chapters (they're very short) to fully realize all the implications of everything since I was a bit dazed the first time through. I did not hate the ending, actually. That's not to say I liked it, but something about a devastating end... appeals to me.

The back of the book is definitely misleading, causing you to think the transportation of the glass church is the backbone of the story. It wasn't, not by a long shot. The idea didn't even come till the last 100 pages or so and the transportation was actually my least favourite part and the most painful to read.
I wish more of the book had been about Oscar and Lucinda together. So much of the book was spent on their formative years and also tangents about the surrounding characters. They didn't meet till page 192! My favourite parts of this book, were in the too short section when Oscar was lodging in Lucinda's house. I loved those parts - two misfits (and outcasts) had finally found a friend... and maybe something more. But then the whole glass church thing was conceived and soon afterward Peter Carey started his demolishing...

I just am not exactly sure how I feel about this book. The story was unique, often strange, and had a plethora of beautiful sentences. Though it was slow to get started, I never wanted to stop reading it (until near the end when they were moving the church). Sometimes I felt I was learning way too many extraneous details about all the supporting characters. Most of them were jerks, so I just didn't care.
I think overall, there just weren't enough parts I loved. But I may read it again someday and I'd be interested to see the film!
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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 03, 2011 04:27AM) (new)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, it looks interesting :)

Melee What are goodreads friends for! :)
So far it's been very interesting (though mainly it's just been about their formative years.) I am hoping I will continue to enjoy it. (Apparently there's a movie too!)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

ah I shall have to have a look on IMDB

Melee Yesss! IMDB is my best friend! (Along with Wikipedia and, of course.)

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