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Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter
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Feb 19, 2008

it was amazing

I enjoyed this novel. It was written by one of my favorite authors, Ben Counter. Though I think that he did get most of the inspiration from Dan Abnett and Graham McNeil who wrote the first two books of the series.
The main character is Loken, captain of the 10th company of the Luna Wolves/ Sons of Horus legion. Loken also the main character of the previous two books. He is used by the authors to tell what happened in the Horus Heresy from the point of view of someone who was a close adviser of the Warmaster Horus. Warmaster Horus is the primarch of the Luna Wolves/ Sons of Horus. Loken is in the mournival, group of adviser to the warmaster.
In this book the Heresy finally begins with the betrayal of all the loyalist space marines in the various legions taking part in the Heresy, including Loken.
The loyalists are loyal to the Emperor, ruler of the Imperium of Man, and second to their Primarch.
The loyalists are bombarded with virus bombs that destroy all biological organisms. The survivors delay the traitors for a week before they are overwhelmed. They were buying time for a ship to warn the Emperor of Hours' betrayal.

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