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Sacrifice by Mayandree Michel
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Apr 02, 2011

really liked it
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Read from August 28 to 30, 2012

Sacrifice is the second book in Mayandree Michel's Descendants series. The Series mainly revolves around the protagonist, Cordelia, a demi-goddess who came back to rule her empire after being killed and sent to the future for a while. Cordelia is now the empress over all the Ischero, but her new obstacle isn't memory loss any more; Hades isn't happy with the way Cordelia killed the Appoloun Queen by accident and now wants Delia's powers for himself.

Now I have to admit that I had huge issues with Betrayal: The Descendants Book 1. Betrayal was a long book, nearly three times as long as Sacrifice. And the length didn't work in the story's favor. Betrayal was too long, had too many spelling and grammatical mistakes, the characters were annoying and difficult to like, and the pacing was inconsistent.

Sacrifice was all the things I had wanted Betrayal to be. It was much shorter, so the bigger story-line was pressed into a tight corset - but it worked.
The pacing was engaging and I finally felt like something was happening.

The side characters, especially Evan, were further developped and finally gained some substance that I missed in Betrayal.

And the greatest thing about Sacrifice was the aspect of the love story which I was very happy with (view spoiler).

I also have to say some negative things, though. Cordelia is a character that I dislike thoroughly and all I ever wanted for her was to be slapped for being an arrogant, ignorant, idiotic and stupid bitch who thinks that just because her parents happen to be the last Emperors of Ischero, she is automatically able to rule an empire.
Unfortunately, Cordelia is so far from being mature enough to rule that I constantly seethed at my Kindle for the first half of Sacrifice, wanting to throttle her myself.
The decisions she made, oftentimes defying the Elders, who only told her the truth, that her decisions were rash and based on her emotions only (which is the truth, but why would an empress listen to intelligent advice?) and that she should reconsider. Cordelia never reconsidered anything. Instead, she just pushed through with her decisions, which caused a LOT of trouble for everyone.
Was she sorry? A little. Did she take responsibility for what she has done? No. 'Cuz empresses don't do that.
Cordelia is a complete Nut-Job who's more interested in controlling her love-interests and whining about Evan than ruling her empire and saving her people from the Appoloun.
She needs to either grow up dramatically in Mercy or finally get the punishment she deserves for her mistakes she never repentented for or even acknowledged.

Victor: I had a problem with Victor in this book because there was practically no evil left in him. No, an evil love interest would have been so much more thrilling.

All in all, I'll give Sacrifice four stars for being original. And I hope for Mercy to be better.
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