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The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
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Apr 02, 2011

it was ok
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Read in April, 2011

Her intent = 4.5 stars
Her writing = 3 stars
Her theories = 3 stars
Her experience = 1.5 stars
Astonishing advice = 0 stars
Her overall success = 2 stars

Why do these so called experts see parenting styles as black or white? You leave your baby to cry it out, you are a detached emotionally unavailable parent who should not have had kids but rather run a corporation. You respond to every cry, you are "attached" and your deserve a golden star your child will be perfect and you can write a book about it.

According to Pantley anyway.

I do like that she wrote the book in attempt to help mothers see there are alternatives to "crying it out." But I find it really hypocritical that she whines about such "sleep experts" for making her feel like a bad mom (for not teaching her kids to sleep) and then the last thing you read in her book is her singling out a mother at a baseball games as unloving and negligent because she rocked her child's car seat when he started to stir (instead of shoving a boob in his face).

I agree with most her ideas, and thought of just about all of them on my own (with a little tool called common sense) before I read her book. I did sleep logs. I waited a minute before responded to each cry. I lingered on the nursery floor and sang lullabies as he drifted off to sleep. Does this qualify me to write a book? I say no.

Though, I do think I'm a little more qualified than she. I did all those things naturally with my first child. She wrote this book after her 4th couldn't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. I know each kid is different, but I got the impression that her first 3 didn't sleep a whole lot better.

Also, it bugs me that she tries to reassure mothers that someday, regardless of your success with infant sleep training, your child will learn to sleep through the night, because we all do. Incorrect. I have spoken with several mothers (and read in several other sleep books) that some kids really do get up EVERY night, even when their 17. I think Pantley has good advice for those kids. Things like two free "come to mom and dad's room" coupons; once the two tickets are gone, tough luck. The nest next to mom and dad's bed is also a really good idea. A glass of water, flashlight, and one toy on the nightstand: good idea. The rewards posters, all of it great ideas for toddlers and even teens. But to promise people their kids will eventually sleep through the night is not a solution for mothers worn out and sleep deprived.

I personally have not resorted to the cry it out method, and I never intend to. Still, books like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby and Babywise work much better for me and my little boy. You just have to realize these authors are on the opposite end of the spectrum as far as your effects go. They'll say if you respond to every cry with a feeding you're child will have ADHD and throw tantrums as they grow older. I say, there's a lot more to parenting then how you respond to cries the first 6 months out of the womb. Though I do think the Babywis author makes a good point when he says this kind of attachment parenting ignores what might actually be making your baby cry. Personally, I tried feed for comfort, and it backfired. My little guy was crying cause his tummy hurt and he had bad reflux. More food makes that situation even worse, even though the baby is eager to drink more cause sucking at mom's breast is comforting.

If you've let yourself feel guilty over occasionally rocking your little one to sleep or holding him through a nap or if you have no experience with children, this book may be for you. But if you have a serious sleep problem on your hands and your kid isn't old enough to care about a sticker on a poster, I suggest something else.
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